How to Let Go and Move On | Leave Your Past in The Past [Very Powerful!!]

To Balance or Not To Balance

After a wonderful weekend with Networking Women in deepest rural Hereford with some like minded women, a facilitated discussion on work/life balance and a Monday that left me pleading tearfully with the Universe for more hours in each day, I decided that actually, my work/life balance was pretty poor. As a single mum, I have lived on my own for about 20 months and have collected some very bad habits along the way that have been allowed to go un-noticed.

Time Takes Time

I recently stumbled across some old blog posts that I wrote in a ‘friends only’ private blog, when my husband left in May 2009 and I started to read through my pain. Some of the writing was amazingly lucid and insightful and some of it was incredibly uncomfortable.

Making Money With Bo Sanchez: A Review Of The Truly Rich Club

What is the Truly Rich Club? The Truly Rich Club is a membership site where members are coached by Bo Sanchez on how to make money and create wealth, guided by Biblical principles, through WealthStrategies (a weekly e-newsletter that discusses actionable ideas for creating wealth); PowerTalk (powerful inspirational messages received by members twice a month); Success Mentor Collection (an interview conducted by Bo with successful people); GodWhisper (a short insightful message sent daily to your email); Stocks Update (information on the companies that Bo invests in and their performance and other recommendation on stock investing); and many more.

You Are The Author Of Your Life

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life? Why are we here? What are we supposed to do with our lives? I’ve wondered about this and as a little child I decided to observe people intently and arrived at a hypothesis that has withstood the test of time. You’re about to find out.

Murphy’s Law: Just A Misunderstanding?

Murphy’s Law; commonly repeated as, “Whatever can go wrong, will”. But what if this is simply a subjective belief born of a misunderstanding?

Then We Are One

The twinning and pairing of us with someone else forms much of who we become in life and then dictates where we go and how our days are lived. We look to find that person who marks our smiles, understands our nods and puts up with our “this is who I am” stuff. They love us and we love them. This includes the dirty laundry, dropped underwear, candlelight dinners and perhaps the hijinks and horrors of raising children. We soar and delight in one another at the get go. Twinkling eyes and butterfly bellies make our toes tingle–and the rest of us gets a good amount of tingling, too! We make plans and overcome obstacles. Love is smiled into one another’s eyes and curled into one another’s arms. Sheets and shopping, jobs and vacations, child rearing and care of parents all have a value-added quotient because we have a partner. The burdens of daily doing are lightened because our best friend is sharing the job. When we have found this, we are truly blessed.

The Most Important Question: What Is Your Life Purpose?

If we consider our profound longings, our greatest desires, and our greatest fears, most of us seek the answer to one question. What is my life purpose? This may not be something we consider daily, but it’s part of our daily actions nonetheless. In everything we do and in the choices we make, we seek an answer to this unspoken question.

Shamanic Tuition With Lujan Matus – A Personal Account

My personal experience, growth and transformation in undertaking shamanic tuition with the nagual Lujan Matus. It has been a most wonderful opportunity to learn powerful and life changing shamanic arts directly from a true man of power.

Others Treat Us The Way We Treat Ourselves

Everybody is like a magnet. You attract to yourself reflections of that which you are. Discover how to love the unlovable in yourself and transform how others treat you.

Who Can You Trust in These Troubled Times?

Who is the most trustworthy person you know? If you name someone other than yourself, this article will give you priceless insights and information to move your life forward at lightning speed. If you can’t trust yourself, how can you trust others? Learn the reasons why you can trust your brain, the knowledge it holds and its amazing problem solving ability. Then, learn how to identify people with the best potential to become your trusted advisors so you can achieve more of what you want in life including greater prosperity, a fulfilling career and better relationships.

Freedom Or Safety – What Would You Choose?

On one side we have a great need to feel safe and on the other side we want to be free. However, as our need to be safe is so strong, our freedom is often compromised in the process. And it is easy to see which one of these usually takes precedence in our own life.

Finding Peace Within

Learning how to live peacefully is about no longer viewing life as a struggle and no longer feeling that you need to be in control or manage anything around you. Finding peace is about acceptance of everything, of not only yourself, but about accepting your place in life. This doesn’t mean in any way that you should give up; it means you can let go of any resistance you feel to the moment you are in.

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