How to Know When You’ve Found Your Life Purpose | Don’t Waste Your Time!!

The Perks of Being Independent

Do you want to be independent and live on your own without your partner or your family? it takes a little bit of effort and planning. Start making small changes before you attempt bigger challenges and make it a gradual process, which happens naturally.

3 Reasons You Should Be More Grateful

First off, being grateful allows you to really appreciate the things that you already have. Yes, I hear your objection that if you do not have much then it can be hard to be grateful. I agree with you. That is a good point, however know that there are many people, and I mean many that are below you and are still grateful for what they have.

Living Independently

Many a times we reach a phase in life where we want to live by ourselves independently and away from our families. This change requires small steps to be taken in gradual succession so that the change is easily manageable and grows on you. Only then does it become permanent and you enjoy living by yourself.

When You Think You Are Good Enough – Then You Are!

In order to truly understand this bold statement, it helps to be aware of one of life’s most interesting processes: Action follows Thought. Anything that you or I do in the world is preceded by a thought. The room you’re currently sitting in was a thought in an architect’s mind before it became manifested into this world.

How to Easily Expand Your View of Reality and Enrich Your Life

Let me ask you a very strange question: Which would you rather eat, a delicious mouth watering cheeseburger, or a picture of a cheeseburger? Or better yet, which would taste better, the cheeseburger (or whatever other favorite food you’d like to insert) or the words describing it? The food right?

Understand Yourself, Understand Your Flaws

Finding your faults Just because you have faults does not mean that you are any worse off than those around you. Everyone has his or her own worse off than those around you. Everyone has his or her own faults.

The Cornerstone of Personal Development

Is this really the cornerstone of all personal development? The one and only tool you will ever really need? Or the one technique you will be using no matter what personal development tools you use?

Today You Decide to Make the Change

Self-care is often overlooked. It can be a primary indication of the need to stay with the flow or to make a change. A short assessment tool is included.

Two Steps Back

Do you ever feel that just as you take one step forward, you’re pushed two steps back? When that happens, you often want to get out of the game, don’t you? DON’T!

Emotional Energy – A New Understanding

Your morning starts off fairly well, you’re feeling good about yourself and what your day will bring. You head out the door to work and find yourself in morning traffic.

There Are No Rules for Your Personal Growth

You can make your own rules what lifestyle you want, if you only set them up. Many of us simply play by rules others have set, without really knowing it.

Conquer Shyness With Proper Visualization Techniques

At one time or another, you will feel somewhat shy over something. For example, it will be difficult for an ordinary man to conquer his nerves and ask his crush for a date. You may also find yourself taking some time before warming up with someone. Simply put, being shy is a normal feeling.

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