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Words to Live By (From Ralph Waldo Emerson)

This article reflects on a time when I was searching for answers and stressing out and came across something written by Ralph Waldo Emerson that changed everything for me. If you are looking for something to soothe your soul and perhaps be life-changing for you like it was for me, have a look at this article.

Community and Learning From Bees

Connection and community are key foundations to our wellbeing and happiness.But are we living in an age of terrible disconnect and social isolation?

Is Clutter Blocking Your Energy (Qi)?

I’ve worked with a lot of patients over the years and I see this pattern over and over. The person is going along doing their work, smiling, being a happy go luck kind of guy or gal and then it happens. They lose it and are out of control.

12 Warning Signs of Lack of Confidence

One of the biggest things that kept me from fully pursuing my dreams for many years was a lack of confidence. It’s something we all face at some time in our lives.

Life, Death, Demons And Angels

“Keep your mind at home, it can do better there than elsewhere.” I begin by quoting one of Wallace D. Wattles’ most famous lines in his books. Although reality is more than it appears to be obviously. We must live in our part of reality the best way we can is what I mean by that quote.

Time Management Secrets of Top Business Executives III

Every person walking this earth has to operate within the same time constraints as any other person. You don’t get more time during the day because you have a bigger title, or loads of money, or what some may consider to be an important job. Everyone gets the same 24 hours, or 1,440 minutes a day as the other person. Busy executives make certain that they are always at their productive best, by protecting their peak hours at all times.

Three Mistakes People Make When Trying to Find Their Passion

Finding your passion can be daunting. Avoiding these mistakes can help.

Time Management Secrets of Top Business Executives II

Top business executives jealously protect those hours of the day, which they consider to be their peak hours. Herein you find one of their secrets to getting things done.

Time Management Secrets of Top Business Executives I

The difference with busy executives is, like governors and senators, they have a daily plan and they don’t allow unscheduled interruptions to knock them off track and ruin their day. They schedule specific times to look at their email, to return phone calls, to attend meetings, to play golf, even to get their haircut. They guard those 1,440 minutes as if they were 1,440 blocks of gold, because for them, time really is money. Successful people treat their time like precious jewels, and it is this lack of value for time, that cause others to fail.

Your Life Bank Account

Live your life making deposits into your Life Bank Account, building wealth in all the aspects of your life. You need to make deposits in order to withdraw, and achieve the success you want.

Respect Works Like a Boomerang

Respect is a boomerang; it always comes back without any doubts. Want respect? Then better give respect? Respect needs to be earned

Magical Manifesting Formula 2 – Be of Service

We all have obligations and tasks we do to be of service to others. What makes these tasks magical is how you feel about them. When my life gets stagnant and things just don’t seem to be progressing, I have learned that I need to stop and look at my focus.

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