How to Know if Your Spirit Guide is Speaking to You | Signs from The Universe [DON’T IGNORE!!]

Compassion Is a Commodity of Life

Compassion may be one of the most difficult attributes to express in our busy and demanding lives. On the surface it seems weak and undeserved. On a deeper level we may all benefit from more compassion, given and received. Compassion says we may not understand why someone is acting stupid, but we will take no offense from this and actually wish them well on their way. Compassion says OK you missed that one, try again.

Learn the Steps to Forgive and Let Go

Learn why forgiveness is important and the steps you need to take to forgive and release a person or situation so that you can begin the transformation of healing in your life. Whether you are forgiving another person, yourself, or a bad memory that holds you back, the act of forgiveness frees you from the negative effects that keep you from moving forward. Find peace and happiness in your life and be ready to let the transformation begin.

How to Make Positive Change in Your Life – Set Sail and Take Charge

This inspirational article is here to motivate you to create transformation and change in your life, whether that be work, health, spirituality, family or personal self improvement. You know those thoughts, feelings and ideas that are seeping from underneath the surface. Analogies are made between a ship’s voyage and your own journey in life. The author is a spiritual intuitive who helps people move forward, heal and embrace change. Are you ready for the transformation?

New Consciousness And The Law of Attraction With Personal Growth

If you’ve been struggling with really breaking through in personal growth and leveraging the law of attraction, what could be holding you back? Is there something more than thoughts and beliefs that form your reality? Get ready for some personal growth breakthroughs in this article which will help expand your consciousness for personal transformation.

Saturn Transits – Growing Down

Recently I have been hosting the dreaded planet Saturn next to my natal moon. This has been going on for the last two and a half years which is how long the average Saturn transit lasts. Saturn is associated with the Greek god Kronos which means time.

Get Some Feng Shui Tips on Using Your Element Colour

As the Year of the Water Dragon enters, companies are hopeful for a robust and fiery boost in their businesses. They wish for the dragon’s breath to fire away the bad luck and enjoy a prosperous 2012.

Bringing Fear of Change to Light

Now you know and knowing is half the battle. Read this article to help you identify the 3 ways fear of change can hide in your life and limit the results you seek.

Not My Fault It’s On Repeat: Breaking Life Cycles

The self-question, “Why does this always happen to me?” is not a cause for depression. It actually indicates a transition from reactive to proactive; from experiencing something to contemplating the experience of experiencing something.

Six Ways to Build a Productive Day

Believe it or not, it takes just as much work to have a productive day as it does to have an unproductive one. The difference lies in being able to take charge of your day, instead of having your day take charge of you. Here are six ways to make tomorrow more productive than today:

End Time? Yes, the End of Judgment and Greed!

The ego knows that anything we ascribe to God-Goddess, we have within ourselves. In order to realize our divine nature, we must overcome our need to judge others. The more we get rid of judgment, the more of God-Goddess we will see in ourselves.

If The Shoe No Longer Fits

I’ve lost a lot of weight – 33 pounds. It took a while and there is more to go, but I’m two sizes smaller.

Expand or Die!

We are all in a state of Expansion or Contraction. Harness the power of the Expansion/Contraction cycle to live your life to the fullest.

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