How to Know if You Are a Lightworker?

How Can I Make a Difference in the World With Flowers?

Flowers may not seem like a way to change the world, especially when they are bought in bulk at a discount store. It is all a matter of perspective that makes the difference. Most everyone likes flowers, but there are certain times when flowers are especially important. While their absence may not be immense, their presence does.

Journaling on the Silver Screen

Your journal is private, thank goodness! But some journals have become very public, through their exposure as movies. For that matter, journals are quite often the basis for film scripts, as evidenced in this article.

Personal Development Is Not Possible If You Have The Habit Of Procrastinating

Procrastination can be a great impediment to personal development. It can also lead to missed opportunities, stress and guilty feeling. There can be many reasons for procrastination. You may procrastinate if you have taken up too much of work. If you are physically tired, then also, you will try to procrastinate. If you do not come out of this problem, personal development will be a distant dream.

Why Did You Join Your Deal?

Your friend/leader announced regretfully at the end of a recent phone conversation that they are leaving your company for greener pastures. This deal is no longer fulfilling their needs. You are speechless, literally. You feel betrayed, abandoned, let down. Soon anger sets in. You are dependent on your friend/leader to help build your nest egg. Why are they leaving you? Do you feel like a jilted lover? What will you do now?

Why Being Good Is No Longer Good Enough!

You are probably asking yourself this question now, “Is ‘being good’, ‘having good’ or ‘doing good’ now a wrong or bad idea?” Well, you are half right! While being good, having good things or doing good things is not necessarily a bad idea, it’s the lazy idea. The fact that something is not bad does not mean it’s the best. We are not only to seek the good and stick with it once we have it, NO! That’s the lazy man’s philosophy. All those who seek only the ‘good’ are lazy. Why? Because after ‘good’ comes ‘better’ and after ‘better’ comes ‘best’ and after ‘best’ comes ‘great’. ‘Good’ is just the first level out of four levels of success in life. Settling for the ‘good’ and being satisfied with being good, having good and doing good is not the end of success, it’s only the beginning!

How to Know Your Purpose

Finding the reason for your being (purpose) is the only truth that can guide you in making the decision of what to invest on, at such a time as this. Only when you operate in your place (purpose) will abundance be guaranteed (provision for the fulfillment of the purpose). Don’t go about searching for vacant positions here and there because there are none. It’s time to look within (internally) for your own place and take up your rightful position in the world. It’s time to develop and use your God given talents, gifts and abilities to create possible solutions to other peoples’ problems and get paid in return.

Prayer – The Kind God Never Hesitates To Answer!

The purpose of prayer is not to summon God to come work FOR you, but to attract God to come work WITH you. The fact that God CAN do everything FOR you doesn’t mean He WILL do everything for you no matter how much and how hard you pray. You can pray all you want, but that won’t move God to come work FOR you, it will only move Him to come work WITH you. Meaning, you will attract God when you begin to do the work the kind of desire you want requires. Here’s what I mean.

Important Life Questions to Ask and Re-Ask Over Time

Easy steps to help you find some balance in Life. Making our lives happier and filling our days with experiences instead of just another day.

We’re Bigger Than Fear

How often do we talk about fear in our personal lives?  OK, maybe we don’t always talk about it – but we do know it’s there. We recognize it part of the time, move to release it (or face it) in certain cases.

No Whining, Please

I’ve been wondering this week why I’ve noticed so many books, movies and women trapped in what I’ve decided to call, “the whining mode”? I’m not sure why it’s bothering me so much but it’s like someone scratching a chalk board or chewing on tin foil…I’m really annoyed by all this seemingly female whining.

7 Easy Self Improvement Tips

It’s always best to open up one’s self to new ideas and knowledge, and always be an empty cup. This way, you would ensure yourself of a continuous personal development and discover your potential. Such improvement tips will be as sufficient most especially to beginners who are just taking their first steps towards their life achievements.

Why Detoxify The Body?

Why should you detoxify your body? Where do these toxins come from? How does a detox work?

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