How to Know He/She is THE ONE…

Welcoming An Unexpected Visitor: An Inspirational Story

There are events in our lives that are either happy or sad ones. And how we welcome and accept these changes will show us a greater purpose beyond our understanding at the moment.

Redefining Yourself After 50

We spent most of our twenties through forties building a life for ourselves and family. We raised our children, took care of our spouse and home, pursued a career of our own or, decided to stay home and tackle the daily tasks awaiting us. Then, one day, we realize that our kids have grown up and are ready to go out into the world on their own. A great part of our self-identity seems to “crumble” and we find ourselves wondering: Now, what? It is not easy to make the transition from parenting and family person to just being by yourself or, if you’ve been “lucky”, just you and your spouse again.

Medication, Mediation, Meditation

We all need something to “take the edge off”. How does that edge get on there in the first place? By life not going the way, at the pace or peace we want or expect.

What If You Knew The Secrets To Life And The Future?

Imagine that these times are for forming clubs, communities, new forms of interactions. What if we could imagine (1 image) how these new formations were influencing the future? You can. You just need to clear some physic space and breath in. The relaxed physic is where we get the Big vision hits.

Cancellation Of Isolation

As more and more people are given their pink slips, told they no longer have jobs, their departments disappear or the entire company closes the more isolation and fear we will face as a nation as a world. I love this quote about isolation from Yoga Bhajan who was a master with words.

Do You Live In A Box?

Are you Living in a box? How do you know if you are living in a box?

Do You Want Your Skinny Back? Part 1

Fat just seems to creep on you in your least favorite spot. Is there a favorite spot? Let’s be truthful have you ever said, “My fat landed just where I was hoping it would that is my favorite fat spot.” Didn’t think so, me neither.

Power – The Purpose of the Laws of Success

The purpose behind the Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill is to organize and develop all the knowledge you possess now obtain in the future into POWER. As you read the Laws of Success you should take frequent notes and jot down ideas as they come to you as you read. You should also begin teaching these laws as you learn them to whoever is willing to learn them, Zig Ziglar promotes this method as well, and by teaching you learn and retain the information better.

Personal Transformation Points Part 1

Outstanding success in life comes with power and power comes with a well-developed personality to influence other people to cooperate with you in a spirit of harmony. This is not to say you are subduing or tricking people into helping you; what you are doing is developing the personality where people will like you and are willing to help you because they like you and trust you. The Laws of Success course takes you step by step in developing the personality traits needed in being successful and will teach you: Definite Chief Aim – teaches you how to focus you time and effort and do away with wasted efforts and aimlessness; it will teach you how to develop a definite aim and purpose to your life.

The Importance of Patience

Patience is a special quality that allows others time and respect. Taking the time to respect other people’s skills, situation and potential enables everyone the opportunity to be the best they can be. Patient people often encourage better results from others because of their calm and supportive manner.

Ways To Expand Your Social Circle

If you haven’t known it by now, the size of one’s dating life is usually proportionate to the size of his or her social circle. Having a big social circle not only adds to your perceived social value when you have a lot friends, but it also gives you more options when it comes to connecting with woman that are datable.

How to Be More Outgoing in Socially Challenging Situations

What is a socially challenging situation for you? What could you do to be more outgoing at such times as these?

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