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Emotional Blocks – What Are They – Part Two

So we have discovered a little about Emotional Blocks, what they are and how they affect us. What now? How do we remove them?

Meditation Tips for Those Staring Out

Meditation can take some time to get used to because the average person lives “outside” of himself or herself. In other words, people rarely take time to reflect because they are too busy reacting to whatever life throws their way. Life distractions become the norm and it is not until people begin to meditate do they realize the intensity of the noise around them.

Emotional Blocks – What Are They – Part One

We all have some memories that we perhaps don’t like, if they are painful we bury them deep within, we may think they are dealt with but then we find a trigger somewhere that sets them off. It is important to release these old memories, they are Emotional Blocks.

Take the Time to CARE

When I started my career in health care nearly 20 years ago, I was struck by the compassion and care with which nurses and other professionals gave of themselves to their patients. It felt like home to me as I embarked upon my career as a caring professional. Β  But I also noticed how unhappy and stressed people were.

How to Maintain Life Change

Committing to a change in your life is not the only difficult part. It is also difficult to sustain the change, to integrate it into your life. Along the way, you will encounter obstacles, disappointments, doubts and even failures. It can be hard to not get discouraged and give up. Not to mention that you can find your day-to-day life getting in the way. Many things can come up that distract us from focusing on the change that we have committed to make.

Live Your Life Now

This is a pretty basic thing to say but how many of us are actually doing it? Thoughts of yesterday and even much earlier then that seem to be still a big impact on many people. To really live your life now is about letting go of what has been and doing the things that will make this very day in your life better.

Why People Struggle With Eating

Of all the things that human beings can reach for when they’re looking for something to change their state or feel better, or adjust their experience in life, food is by far the best thing to reach for. Food reliably produces chemical changes, it is legal and the effects are reversible. What I’ve noticed more and more among people who reach for food when they don’t want to, is that it’s the only good way they have of reaching for life.

You Are Never Not Awakening

If you are alive, then Awakening is a natural human process you are going through right now. Whether you are aware of it or not, your Awakening affects the state of your health, relationships, finances, business/career success, emotional state, and your ability to live a great life.

The Golden Principle Of Kindness

How we treat people will always determine the kind of life we live. Our kindness or the lack thereof is what will put us over in life or bring us under in life. When I was growing up, I always heard what we refer to as the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is powerful. The principle reveals that we should never treat people as they treated us, but rather that, we should always treat people as we would want them to treat us. We should treat them this way, knowing that it will come back to us, maybe not by the same person we treated kindly, but, nonetheless, it will come back to us. Seeds sown in good soil always produce a harvest. Kindness is a seed, for when it comes back, it is manifested in an abundant manner, making the seed pale in comparison to the reward.

Unconditional Love – A 3 Step Process To Give Love Consciously

We all know love is a universal language which transcends all racial, political, social and language barriers. Love is an energy which can be felt whenever you’re in the presence of the giver, without spoken words. It is communicated on a subconscious level of our being but affects in a positive way on a very conscious level.

Why Watching Someone Who Is Hurting Is Painful

A parent would say to the pains of his/her child, “Why wasn’t it I Lord, to bear my child’s pain?” But it has to be so. In the Bible, the “Binding of Isaac,” called “Olah,” in Hebrew, narrates the story when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on Mount Moriah.

Unconditional Love – Give the Gift of Unconditional Love

Love is universal and all of us have the seed of Unconditional Love in our hearts waiting for the opportunity to germinate and grow to maturity. The fruit of love not only benefits us but can be shared with those around us. Allow this seed to germinate within you as you give the gift of Unconditional Love.

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