How to Get Unstuck in Life | INDEPENDENCE Will Set You Free!! [NOT Just for Indians..]

Become Action Personified: How Success Comes to Those Who Act

Your success requires action. Without action there will be no success. Understand the important of taking action and being fit for purpose. Leaders and leading businesses are fit from taking action. How about you?

In the Grip of Money

While most of us don’t like to think we’re driven by money, the truth is we are. In a survey I conducted among 500 people, 70 percent reported that at least half of the decisions they make in their life are driven by money. Additionally, 55 percent said money played a large role in decisions about how to spend their time. How did we become so driven by money?

Building the Content of a Great Character: A Conscious Decision

Ethics and moral values are very fast on the decline, but strangely enough, these were the pillars that preserved our world until now, giving us the barest opportunity of inheriting a place where there is just enough trust to transact business and go about our daily affairs. This is not say that it was a perfect world in the past, but comparatively it was a weightier issue in those days that one had the ability to live above board as it was a more highly recommended subject, one that was even included in the educational curriculum.

Perspective and Acceptance

We need to stop seeing and dealing with our life as if it only belongs in the future. The best perspective to have on life is seeing it as it is now and accepting it, and nothing more. If we are continually looking ahead, now is never good enough or okay.

The Nature Of Faith

Faith only comes alive when it’s acted upon, this is where a lot of people have misunderstanding. They get the wrong notion of faith in God’s word; thinking that by just saying, I believe is enough. You’ve to do better than just believing, you literally must act upon the word of God to experience any result. The secular world cannot comprehend this, so they look at us funny and out of our mind, when we stand strongly on what the scripture says.

Personal Development And Our Odyssey

‘Narrative may be regarded as a primary act of mind’, as someone once said, and so it proves true in all great stories: they tell us the primary truths about ourselves, and often what seems to be only an objective narrative is also an internal account of what is going on in the soul of mankind. Nowhere more so than in the really great stories: all sacred literature, and add to that Shakespeare and Homer. In the latter case, of course, the word ‘odyssey’ has come to mean a journey, and one of the most difficult and profound sort. Heroes – and heroines – can only become so by overcoming immense difficulties like those depicted in Homer’s Odyssey. If Personal Development is a journey, is an odyssey, then what can we learn from Homer about it?

What Is Your Non-Negotiable Time?

Do you put aside a certain amount of time for you everyday? Do you have certain activities that you do on a daily basis that fill you up? Or, do you constantly run on empty and never take any time for yourself? We all lead some super busy lives as we try to juggle our families, our careers, our healths, and a host of other responsibilities that we all have taken on. That is why we are often so run down by the end of the day that we are crawling into bed exhausted and sometimes too tired to sleep.

Tips for Improving Confidence When Meeting Strangers and Large Groups of People

Many people find the prospect of meeting strangers and large groups of people unnerving. Here are some tips to help improve confidence on these occasions.

To Leap You Need to Let

Where are you not letting yourself do something? Where are you not allowing yourself to shine? Where are you holding yourself back by not giving yourself permission, agreeing to step forward, or allowing yourself to leap?

Writing a Personal Mission Statement

Have you a personal mission statement? Businesses have them, so why not personal lives: it complements your goals and can be driver when making decisions.

Personal Development – Don’t Let These 2 Words Keep You Stuck

Sometimes our self talk can keep us stuck and prevent us from moving forward. These two words, “What If”, can certainly contribute to our lack of success or our resistance to move in the direction we want to pursue. Sometimes it’s just a matter of turning the words around and training your brain to think differently. When you can do that, your life changes and so do you.

2 Common Results Of Meditation When Used to Balance Your Life

Meditation should be a regular, daily habit in order to receive the benefits in our lives. The results of meditation are seen differently depending on religious beliefs or practice. The results expressed are the most common experienced and discussed.

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