How to Get Over Heartbreak

Five A Day for Your Mind, Body and Soul

With the change of seasons our bodies experience a shift in energy. To compliment the ‘five a day’ in our diet, we can enhance our mind, body and soul with the ‘five senses’.

The Power of Sound – Destruction or Creation

Sound is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the power of creation and the power of destruction.

Come Fly With Me: 7 Ways to Stretch Your Wings and Fly

Could you fly as a child? I did! The world was at my feet and I believed that anything was possible. The truth of who we truly are was not clouded yet. Life was ONE big magical adventure.

Building Credibility in Sales

No matter who you are, credibility is one of the most important attributes to be associated with you. The building of credibility begins at a very early point in your life and will follow you in everything that you do. Credibility is instrumental in helping to define your character.

Our Inner Beliefs – Are They Serving Or Sabotaging?

If I asked you what inner beliefs you hold deep within your mind will you be able to answer with any accuracy? If you couldn’t, then don’t worry, this is a question that many people have difficulty knowing the real answer to. Read on discover your true inner beliefs and whether they serve or sabotage your success.

Inspirational Poems for Self Improvement

In the past, people just accepted their personal situations and did nothing to change their lives. But now people are willing to make efforts and change quality of their life by working on self improvement. Find out how to use inspirational poems for self help and personal success.

Am I Fat Or Skinny?

Well, it depends on ones perspective. The Japanese may see me as a little fat, too curvy. Brazilians who enjoy big bottoms may consider me a bit skinny. Americans… in between. In India, they’d be looking at my nose instead – a straight nose is a sign of beauty. PERSPECTIVE, is the order of business here. I am what I am, whatever labels one chooses to use is merely a perspective. Thin, fat – beautiful, mousey – young, old – olive-skin, pale – I’m all and none.

The School We Live In Called Life

A very wise man once told me the place we live in that we call a world is, “just a school.” Everyday as we wake up to go about our daily lives, it is very important that we get prepared for one class after another throughout the day.

Waking Up Early: Where It All Begins

If you have a personal growth goal of waking up early, then you should know that there is only one place that you can begin working towards this. Find out what it is to ensure your success!

Secrets of Success: How to Hold on to Your Vision Despite Your Circumstance

‘It doesn’t matter where you are now, it’s where you are going to that counts’ this is a great comment. In my lowest moments I held on to the knowledge that my current situation didn’t define who I was, or what I was to become. Your vision for what you want can be so much stronger if you let it.

Empathic Abilities – What Are They and How to Tell If You Have Them

What is an Empath has become an increasingly popular question among those interested in psychic phenomena. The term is used to describe someone who has psychic abilities, though not the type normally associated with fortune telling and such.

Life, Life Is A Verb, Life Is A Doing Word

Life requires us to actively and consciously engage with the world. This has the potential to bring us fulfilment, but equally to bring us difficulty.

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