How to Embrace the Fear | Step into Virtual Future [This is Your TIME!!]

Bring On Adversity!

Adversities are inevitable, but suffering is optional. We can learn to look at adversity in a different light and chose to see the opportunity.

How Much Will You Invest in Yourself?

If your area of expertise is one that’s obviously changing constantly (technology and the Internet are two obvious examples), you have no choice except to keep up with what’s happening. But even if you think your area of expertise doesn’t change as quickly, it’s a dangerous mistake to assume you don’t need to keep updating your skills and knowledge.

Become A Personal Development Coach

People join life coaching programs to achieve one thing: a well balanced life. These people are looking to follow their dreams while spending quality time with their families and loved ones. What a personal development coach does is to first help clients to evaluate their current life status, and then help them set their goals, and finally to encourage them to take action towards the achievement of their goals.

Midlife Crisis, Change and Transition Are Not the Same

Articles and blog posts about midlife crisis and midlife crisis symptoms flood the Internet landscape. Here are some reasons why the term midlife transition is more useful to use than midlife crisis. There are also five ways of dealing with such transitions.

When I Say Obedience, Do You Cringe? If So, Read This!

When I say the word obedient or obedience, what thoughts and emotions come to you? Many people cringe at the word obedient or obedience. When you say this word it just has a negative meaning and connotation to it that comes to you without even thinking about it. Do you know why this is all where it comes from? Do you think obedience is a good thing to have in life or a bad thing?

Oh? A Sitting Duck?

Are you a sitting duck? Do you sit a lot more than you stand, walk, or do anything else? Do you worry about being too sedentary and some of the health risks that are involved?

Are You Searching for Happiness or Satisfaction?

Are you spending your time aiming to satisfy your needs or those of other people? Do you know people who regardless of what you do for them are never pleased? We cannot be satisfied and that is the good news! If satisfaction were likely, we would all be smug in our personal lives; we would be unable to succeed. Just as stress is, vital, displeasure is necessary to prompt us to act. Why are so many people unhappy in their jobs and relationships that they seem to be on an emotional roller coaster? Many people are searching for satisfaction rather than happiness. A person who hopes for other people to satisfy them cannot be happy. However, someone who is actively searching for joy can and does find it. There is a fine line between happiness and discontent.

Do You Know What “Thick Skin” Is?

Learning how to develop thick skin is an attribute that all successful people say is necessary to have in life. You are always going to meet with some form of criticism in life no matter what you do or where you go. Many people immediately become defensive, angry, or completely blow their lid and lose their cool altogether. You want to make sure that you do not do this at any point in your life, ever.

Using the Whole Brain

The human body is set up with dominance patterns throughout. Just as we have a hand dominance, we have dominance in our eyes, ears, feet, and in our brain. While most people know that the brain has two hemispheres, it can further be divided into front and back, thus giving four distinct regions – each of which making a unique contribution to the taking in and processing of information. This otherwise is known as our “thinking.” Our brain’s dominance has to do with which area of the cortex is most electrically efficient.

Ways of Finding Life Purpose and Fulfillment

What kind of meaning, joy or energy would your life have without a raison d’etre or having life purpose? My own purpose in life is to assist and inspire adults – both young and not so young – to learn and to improve themselves. Here are suggestions for finding life purpose and thought-provoking questions to ask yourself.

Owning Our Own Feelings

You become what you think about is one of life’s fundamental truths. If we want to be a brain surgeon, we will need to think a lot about brain surgery. If we really want to know ourselves and develop deep self-awareness, we will have to think a lot about who we really are, pay a lot of attention to our internal thoughts and beliefs, and think a lot about why we often do not behave like the person we would really like to be.

Managing Yourself and The Time You Have Left On This Planet

Do you know how many minutes there are in one year? Many people have not even thought about how many minutes, hours, or days that they waste being and doing things that will bring them no return in their life. Time will pass no matter who you are or what you choose to do during your years on this planet. Many people wish they could go back 10, 20, and 30 years to do something different with their life. Do not make this mistake.

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