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Your Reality Is What You Attract To It

What you think about is what you gravitate towards. You can change what you attract by changing what you think.

Coping Skills for Erectile Dysfunction

The first step in coping with erectile dysfunction is to consult a physician. If a medical examination suggests a psychological basis for the condition, the suggested exercises will allow you to explore sensual experience and foster physical intimacy without the pressure of “performance anxiety.”

Signs of Lying Eyes – How to Detect Lying Through the Eyes

Have you ever heard of the expression “The eyes are the window to the soul”? When people are thinking of different things, they have different eye movements. This is because we hold different kinds of information in different parts of our brain. Depending on what we are thinking about, our eyes will go in one particular direction. Although eye movement can give you some identification, it would be foolish to judge if someone is lying to you based on their eye movement alone.

10 Ways to Detect Lies in Verbal Responses

Human communication is an extremely complex exchange. When speaking, a human being produces around 70-100 verbal and non verbal cues per second. With the average person capable of only processing around 7 bits of information at one time, it’s no wonder so many of us can be deceived.

Reading Body Language – How to Detect Lies Through Body Language

You know for sure that somebody has lied to you recently because unfortunately lying is such a common thing. But do you know who has lied to you and when exactly? No-one likes been lied to or taken for granted, so wouldn’t it be great if you could separate the liars from the honest? For a start, it could save your heart from being broken, or it could save you a lot of money from a scam or business negotiation, or it could even help you pick out your friends more selectively.

Journal to Find Your Core Self

How’s your inner weather these days? Does it seem like emotions get the better of you? Are you at war with your own feelings? Journal writing is an accessible and powerful way to reclaim inner calm and strengthen the core Self.

5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

Whether it’s a social meeting or a business meeting, the first impression is what counts. Making a good first impression is important because you only have one chance to succeed. The first few seconds that someone takes a quick glance at you, are the ones that you will be remembered by. That snapshot can make all the difference. Whether you like it or not you will be ‘judged’ by your appearance and your actions, including your body language (the non-verbal communication).

How to Understand and Interpret Body Language

Have you ever been in the situation where you were almost sure that the person you were talking to was lying to you? You wanted to believe the words coming out of their mouth but your gut feeling was saying that something isn’t right. Their eye movement, facial expressions and body movement was just not reflecting their verbal communication. Their body language, also know as non-verbal communication had given them away, even though they thought they had you fooled.

Dreams and Their Meaning – How to Understand Your Dreams

It has been known that dreams are a representation of our unconscious fears and desires, yet modern scientists argue that dreams exist to aid our survival. It’s hard enough trying to figure out why certain things happen in our conscious life, let alone trying to make sense of our dreams and what they mean to us. Why we dream and what they mean can be as fascinating, but at the same time puzzling for many of us. But with a little help from some dream interpretation experts, maybe we can begin to understand the signals our dreams are trying to point out to us.

How the Invisible Paymaster Works 3

As a Pastor, all I do is pray, study and bless people with the word of God, the result is that the Invisible Paymaster will reward me as I follow the spiritual law of prosperity. I do not need to be a farmer to eat good food, neither do I need to be a pilot to fly to any of the overseas countries to minister to people. All I need is to be very good at what I am called to do, I need to improve myself and get messages directly from God to the people, and as I obey the law of prosperity, the Invisible Paymaster will surely pay me every now and then.

How the Invisible Paymaster Works 2

The Invisible Paymaster is the Angel that have been appointed by God to pay individuals based on the work done by them on planet earth. These Invisible Paymasters are everywhere, they see everything you do, they know what you are thinking, they know the reason behind every action of yours. They are sent to monitor and reward you for every effort you put in to help make this world a better place for people to live in.

Overcoming Self-Doubt With Balanced Thoughts: 4 Simple Steps

Freeing Yourself from Doubt – Our doubts in our abilities tend to show up most when we are in career transitions such as starting a new job, changing careers, or starting a business about which we are passionate. It’s important to acknowledge these doubts.

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