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Saying NO is Vital For Self Growth

Well, it is impolite to be “rude” and brush off someone callously but it is not impolite to politely refuse someone. Please remember that you have to be true to yourself and your priorities and what is important for you. If you are not true then how can you hope to better your life and take yourself to the next level?

Sparkling Pool Without a Satyr

In the middle of Zendora forest, there was a group of satyrs who lived in prosperity and harmony. They were singing, dancing, and enjoying their life together every day. They never felt hungry and could only live by drinking water from small pools in Zendora.

Simon Says – Success Strategies For the Adult Playgrounds of Life – Part 1

The games we played as children taught us many simple, basic lessons of how to play with others, build relationships and navigate the rules of childhood. Simon Says will take you back to visit the core lessons of one of your favorite childhood games and how we are still playing those games even as adults.

Love Yourself First – You Are Unique and Wonderful

Loving yourself is the most important thing that you can do. It is the only way to be able to love anyone or anything beyond yourself in a true sense.

Negative Thoughts Have Negative Power in Your Body

Negative self talk is destructive to your self esteem and is potentially harmful to your health. Learn how to be your own best friend and retrain your thoughts.

Chart Your Own Course

I firmly believe that each of us are hardwired for greatness – we have a customized combination of talents, strengths and passions that allow us to be good at some things and not others. We love some things and not others. And no matter how close we may be to our families, they can never know how we think and feel as well as we know. We must always be the voice that decides what is right for us – in work and in life. We must always know the facts, then own the decision. We must chart our own course.

How to Cultivate a Life of Integrity

How does one acquire integrity? Unlike natural gifts which are freely given by God, integrity can only be acquired. It is a continuous process which demands strong discipline and patience.

How to Make Your Dreams Come True and Live the Life You Desire

Do you want to learn the secret how you can make your dreams come true and live the life that you always desire? If you do, this will be the perfect article for you. Read this article to the end and you will discover the 5 ultimate steps to achieve whatever dreams you have in your life. So you are committed to achieve your dreams? If you do, here are the 5 proven steps that can help you in your journey…

Win With Yourself

People matter, and are at the heart of our success. It is therefore critical to win with people to achieve success. The first step however in winning with people is winning with yourself. Te article explores four critical aspects of winning with yourself.

The Pain of Being Strong

A young man finds that acting “manly” ALWAYS means being uncomfortable. He also realizes how difficult it is to change.

Power of Today

You are more than your circumstances. You are more than adversity.

Love to Be Healthy

We all know that we are already in a big sick world, but there are people fighting against it. The problem is that we need more and more people fighting; who will be able to change, to feel better, and make our house (WORLD) better. We need more people who will fulfill their responsibility with health.

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