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The Law of Your Life

This may sound like a heavy title. You see I really want your attention here. I will wrap up my one year of writing articles for you that (hopefully) helped you in some ways, or at least induced a reaction of agreement, disagreement or stimulation to think for yourself.

The Fear of Roller Coasters Explained

In this article I will cover a brief history of roller coaster theme parks. Some common issues of fear and anxiety that occur in some people due to roller coasters. And finally ending with how these issues are commonly overcome.

How to Bring Yourself Into Focus This Fall

As we say good-bye to summer and hello to fall it is a great time to pause and reflect on what we want, what opportunities await us and what we should leave behind. Use the change in season and wonderful time of year to Kick-off what you want this fall.

Who Am I? Who Are You?

Who am I? I am anything I decide to be. What I am and what I become is up to me and to no one else.

Top 3 Reasons For You To Change Your Career

Are you tired of your job? Are you always finding yourself applying for jobs when you have one already? Then you are not in the right profession.

Are You Addicted To Healing?

One of the biggest energy blocks that I have seen is centered in the heart. The idea that a person is in the process of healing, meaning that they are working on something – doing the deal – in the process, is a never ending process and keeps the soul enwrapped in the pain of the process. Here is a 6 Step Process to Healing the Heart.

Tips for Shining During Your Next Phone Interview

While telephone interviews are usually not the only deciding factor when it comes to who gets hired for a given position, it’s important to understand that they’re nevertheless an increasingly important part of the process for many of today’s employers. Phone interviews save time by narrowing down a large pool of candidates to a smaller one that can more easily be evaluated by classic sit-down interviews.

Do What You Learn

When was the last time you heard someone say, “if you do this, this and this, you will be successful”? Did you actually do it?

Great Attitude Equals Persistence

In this series, I am going to focus on persistence. Does this word sound familiar? Well, to some it may and to some it may not. Let’s focus on this word and its meaning. What does it mean to be persistent?

How One Woman Is Making a Difference

In a small Akha Hilltribe village in the foothills of Doi Tung Mountain in Northen Thailand there is a remarkable woman who is truly dedicated to giving back. Miba was the youngest child of a poor Akha Farmer.

How to Deal With Artificial People

This article with teach you the most practical and effective techniques to deal with people who appear ‘artificial’. Learn how to spot them and deal with them effectively.

You Are Specially Made!

In his article ‘You Are Specially Made!’, Dr.Ron Ross points out the uniqueness of a man in the world. Also he describes the physical differences and the variation of different parts within each human body. He finalizes the article by saying that you are specially made.

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