how to become the MAIN CHARACTER in your life 🌟

Take Some Time Off – Have A Vacation

Life nowadays is very busy. Everyone is working like a machine, waking up, going straight to the office, working hard all day long and returning home at night with no energy to do anything whatsoever except lie in bed and fall asleep. We as humans have become animals of habit, and work and money have become our primary objectives in life. All this makes our life dull and boring; this is why we need to take time off and have a vacation.

Taking Accountability Builds Self-Respect

The most important thing we have at the end of the day is our character. When you practice self-respect and discipline it shows in everything you do. Do you know how to earn respect from others?

Your Guide To Self Improvement – 7 Steps To A Better You

We all want to improve and become better people. We all want enjoy a better existence so that we can live a more fulfilling and happier life. This can all be achieved when you have a proven guide to self improvement in your armory. Discover a seven step guide to lifelong advancement and a better, happier you.

The Quirky Personality

Developing a great personality takes work but it is possible. Maybe you were not born without any quirks in your personality. If not develop a few. Quirks can pay off at least it did for Randolph Hearst. You gotta read this article.

How To Find Your True Path In Life

We all wonder at some point what our true destiny in life is. We ask questions like; what is my true nature? What occupation/business will work for me effortlessly? Well, I think we can find our answers by looking first at Mother Nature for a perfect example of how there is peace and harmony and flow with the way she works.

Inspiration Can Enrich and Reshape Your Life

Inspiration often appears as a sudden illumination of the mind and is one of our greatest experiences. Inspiration trumpets your ideas, promotes your ideals and satisfies your noblest aspirations. It is imperative that you remain alert to any sudden inspirational flashes and try to encourage their manifestations in your consciousness. In order to benefit from you own inspiration you must be able to recognize its whisper and deliver its message.

Stop Messing Around and Get On With It

So you’ve made a decision to start something. Or you’ve made a decision to stop something, now what?

Personal Development Seminars Make Positive Impact

In a fast-paced world where personal relations are turning ever more to the electronic realm and where there is frequent financial and political stress, self-help books and courses have become more popular than ever before. If you find yourself lacking in some area of your life, maybe a fear that controls you, or lack of assertiveness, or an inability to create the types of relationships you crave, personal development seminars may be the answer for you. What are Personal Development Seminars?

Factors That Contribute to Your Self Growth

Self growth can be a breeze if you know exactly which factors will contribute to your development. Learn more about how you can increase the pace of your progress!

A Guide to Creating Your Personal Development Plan

There are many kinds of personal development plans for the different facets of our lives. Learn how to make a general personal development plan that will serve as your guide.

The Nature of Pride

This article is written to help address and curtail the venom of arrogant behavior that finds its root in pride. Almost every one of us can be victimized by pride if we’re not watchful and considerate. Pride in my own words is, ‘a look at me and nobody else attitude’, sort of saying, I matter more than them all. Really pride can blind a person from the true state of affairs and consequences that lies ahead.

Meditation, Gratitude, Forgiveness – The Beautiful Triangle To Attract More Joy Into Your Life

Need more joy in your life? Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions but find yourself feeling empty inside, like nothing’s bringing you any joy? Perhaps you’re missing one of these life triangles that opens the flow of abundance to you.

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