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Oh Those Negative Nasty Gremlins!

Does the little voice inside your head drive you crazy from time to time with its negative messages? Do you feel overwhelmed because you don’t feel good enough? The good news is that those negative nasty gremlins can be swept under the rug with a little bit of patience.

Can You Combine Being Responsible and Being Yourself?

Unfortunately it is easy to follow the stories and wishes of others. People like to please others. The skill is learned at an early age, in our desires to make our parents happy. When parents are happy they are happier with us. We carry this forward as we grow older and become adults.

Identifying Your Mission and Purpose in Life

Your journey to success must start with creating a compelling vision of what you want and where you want to be and a clearly defined mission, that cause which arouses the passion to keep you going when times get tough. This article is aimed at helping you define your own personal mission and vision to take you forward on your journey to success.

Management – How to Gain Self-Improvement

The daily responsibilities of a person can prove to be quite a burden if done in a haphazard manner. The way to bringing about perfect harmony in your life is via immaculate management of things. Many people find it hard to follow certain rules and regulations as they find them to be restrictions on their daily life. A change in this sort of negative perception can bring a lot of positivity in their lives. This can be done through managing self-improvement by two techniques.

Stop The Impact Of Negatives

Yes this is something most of us hear daily, people complaining and putting others down. All to often, hours on end are wasted with such negative attitudes and sadly it is only the positive people with compassion that get affected by this. Why is this so?

Always Pay Yourself First!

There is an old saying: ” a word to the wise is sufficient.” I know you are either wise or are gaining wisdom swiftly because of your daily prayers asking God to give you His wisdom and show you your truest interest. “The wise shall inherit glory, all honor and good.” (Prov. 3:35 and Isa. 32:6). Therefore, your prosperity is secure. Why?

Self-Blocking (Getting Out of Our Own Way)

Many individuals suffer from the condition that I describe as “Self-Blocking”. Self-Blocking is when we obstruct, hinder or give up on our dreams or aspirations and blame others for their lack of support and our lack of success.

Listening Makes All the Difference

Taking the time to really listen to someone else can be hard work at times. The story may not be of interest to you, you are too busy, you have a point to make, or the person may just go on and on. There are times when you have to make a mental note to yourself to wait before responding until the other person has had a chance to finish speaking.

Self Discipline Is The Route To Becoming The Best

If you combine hard work with determination, commitment and self discipline, you leave yourself no choice but to be the best. Keeping your level of self control and…

Controlling Your Self Talk For Ultimate Success

Sometimes in life, negativity seems to come from all directions. If we watch the morning news, we hear about murders, robberies, car wrecks, and many other negative things. If we read the newspaper, we are going to read about the same things. Surrounding ourselves with such negativity makes it easy for us to engage in negative self talk, which, in turn, decreases our confidence levels.

What Are The Causes of Borderline Personality Splitting?

Are you having a relationship where one of you has BPD and trying to avoid a Borderline Personality Splitting? BPD relationships are having a high rate of divorce because of the many challenges and problems this personality disorder brings in relationships or marriages.

Your Thought Garden

When setting goals it is important to be able to see our vision in a way that makes them clearer for the mind to bring them into a physical reality. Your Thought Garden helps you to process images in a very unique way that allows your mind to clarify exactly what we want to see manifested. Enjoy this quick read and remember to follow exactly as it’s written and you will begin to see your life change in ways previously thought unimaginable!

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