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The Motivation for Philanthropy Doesn’t Always Come From Empathy

Not long ago, an acquaintance online asked me a most interesting question, he asked “doesn’t it require empathy to teach a man to fish?” The reason he asked this question was because I had suggested that socialism for the US is the wrong way to play it and rather than giving out fishes we should be teaching people to fish. Still, one could philosophically charge that the same empathy trap which causes people to give out endless fishes is the same empathy motif which enlightens people to teach others to fish.

Thoughts and the Subconscious – Can We Control Everything We Think?

The idea of controlling everything that you think is a very important thought to look at. Indeed the mind would seem to reach many thoughts throughout the course of the day. Many of these thought we could wonder why they came into our mind in the first place, and the idea that we may have been influenced by one else may come to mind.

What Is the Profit in Gaining Everything in This World and Losing Your Integrity?

In life the media shows you images of the things that you should be seeking for in life, beautiful mansions, expensive cars. We are shown many of these images from the day that we are born, but what is a home, is it not a shelter from the rain, cold, snow etc. Is it not a place where you can get protection from the elements of nature. What is a car is it not a means to travel from one place to another. So how many cars does it take to travel across a city one, ten, twenty, the fact is you can only travel in one car at a time. You can only sleep in one bed at a time, you can only be physically in one home at a time. So what should be your priorities?

Forgiveness – Give Yourself the Gift of Personal Freedom That Comes From Forgiveness

Letting go of anger can be a challenge. However acknowledging a hurt and accepting the situation in forgiveness can be one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others. Forgiveness allows us to focus our energy on creating wellness in our lives, it raises our positive vibe and allows us to receive more of the good energy we crave. Practice forgiveness with one person today who you have been holding a grudge against and experience how good you get to feel about yourself as a result.

Simple Living High Thinking

Chanakya was known to be a very shrewd politician but his wisdom and tact’s of administration were admired by one and all. The simple yet target oriented strategies applied by him have made him very popular and his teachings are even being taught in many leading management schools.

Do Something Different

The trick is to learn how to interrupt the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors of a robotweb rather than repeat them. The danger is that the more we repeat the reactions of a robotweb, the stronger it becomes.

I Refuse To Be A Victim

I was fascinated to hear Herman Cain, Republican candidate for President, clearly state that he refuses to be a victim. Would you agree that the opposite of a victim is a victimizer? It’s true. And everyone is capable of becoming both a victim and a victimizer.

How to Stand Out From the Crowd

When we are young, most of us are told to “be ourselves”. While this might seem easy to a child, who wouldn’t think of being anyone else, it tends to get more difficult as we grow up. The moment we reach high school, we begin to learn to blend in with the crowd, and over time, we forget how to stand out from the crowd; yet it is usually only when we are being true to ourselves that we are most happy.

Writing a Life Story Is Good Therapy for Yourself

Writing about your own thoughts is good therapy. If you want to build self-esteem when you feel down or depressed, write something positive that has happened in your life. It may have been some experience recently or some time ago but it will be a boost to your self-confidence.

Want to Be Really Happy? Do This For 30 Minutes a Day (But Don’t Tell Anyone You Did)

Who else wants to learn how to become really happy? To feel truly awake, alive and aware? Are you sick and tired of dealing with negative feelings, jealously, anger, disappointment and a general feeling of discontent with your life? If you are anything like hundreds of millions of people walking around the world these days…the answer is you ARE. There is an epidemic of unhappiness in the world today, and as each year passes, it seems to get more pronounced, more profound and more dangerous to boot.

How To Stop Limiting Yourself: Three Keys

You know you limit yourself at times, maybe more than you realize. If we modeled those who seem to step over limits that stop most people, what would we discover? Here are three keys to getting more from yourself and reaching new levels of achievement, self-discovery and self-transformation.

Less Is More – More or Less – When Enough Is Enough

More & Less is a duality and a choice. Most people want more and more, not less. Few people want less and less, not more.

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