How to Became a Manifesting Beast – Secret Revealed!! [Law of Attraction]

Turn Learning Into Earning and Actual Improvement

The real measure around whether all the effort, time and resources, you are putting into trying to improve yourself, is working and making real and tangible differences in your life is easily measured in the improved or better results you are getting to enjoy as a result of all your efforts. Remember you attract success by the person you become, as you become more, you most certainly attract more. If you are investing a vast amount of time, energy and resources into your self-development and you are feeling frustrated, as you seem to just remain trapped in the same place, then you may very well be spinning your wheels, covering a mass of material and learning very little.

Napoleon Hill and the Passion for What You Do for a Living

As I was reading Napoleon Hill’s forward to “The Law of Success,” I was struck by how, in seven short paragraphs, he demonstrates the power of having a passion for what you do in life. You are most likely aware of “Think and Grow Rich,” and may have even read it. Far fewer people have read “The Law of Success,” the source of the well-known “Think and Grow Rich.”Fewer, even still, are aware there are 1925 and 1928 versions of this amazing book.

Personal Transformation – Making Positive Changes in Your Life

Shifting your thoughts and beliefs to bring more joy and enlightenment into your life is a powerful goal. Here are six guidelines to keep in mind as you seek personal change.

The Single Parent’s Ability to Worship

With all that single parents go through, how is it even possible to function on a level where true worship is even feasible? According to Romans 12:1 of the Bible, acceptable worship is presenting yourself as a sacrifice, completely surrendering yourself to God.

Number 1 of the Top 10 Tips – Moving Targets

Moving targets re-title: How to set realistic objectives. Conventional wisdom holds that when you want people to perform at their best you start out by making sure they know what to do. This can be in the shape of targets, goals, objectives, key performance areas and standards. The acronym SMART has been in use for many years.

Motivational Roadmap to Your Destination

Maintaining motivation is a huge factor in accomplishing your goals in life. We’ve all been there before when we embarked on a particular project full of energy and enthusiasm only to find ourselves losing interest a few months later. Losing your passion and motivation is a common challenge. That’s just exactly what it is, a challenge to your internal drive. How much do you really want to achieve your goals. How much effort are you willing to put in? It’s important to understand how to manage your own particular motivational factors whether internal or external. Feeling you really have to do something from deep down inside you is very powerful indeed.

Soak Up the Sweetness of Summer to Achieve True Balance

This summer has been extraordinary. One of the best I can recall. Most weekends have been devoted to beach-combing, floating and capturing images of Leelanau County AKA “The County”. My back yard is primarily made up of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore,  just voted the most beautiful place in America by Good Morning America viewers. How cool is that?

To Embrace Worth

I use the word “embrace” here to describe a willing and eager expression of support, of acceptance. Similar to the human yearning to connect physically, the embrace creates a sense of holding close with affection.

5 Premises That Shape Your Life

Premise One: Awareness that each of us creates our own reality. All of us live with a world-view conditioned by our own individual and cultural experiences. These even differ among siblings as each “sees” life a little differently. We react… take action… based on this unique reality…

Napoleon Hill on the Greatest Wealth

There are few people striving to become successful who do not become acquainted with Napoleon Hill and his book “Think and Grow Rich”. Some are aware of his book “The Law of Success”. Even fewer know there are two versions of “The Law of Success”.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Thoughts To Ponder About: On a daily basis, we hear different type of words, in different tones and intonations. Some people talk negatively, some positively. Some talk about problems, some talk how they overcame those problems. What some people don’t see is what they say can affect how they live.

Top 5 Habits Holding You Back – From Everything

The best learned lessons come not from your success, but from your failures. Actually, the biggest failure is not learning from your mistakes. So, to help you uncover your “blindspots” or habits that keep you from expanding to the best you can be, read these 5 habits that hold you back, and what you can do to overcome them.

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