How to Ask The Universe Before Sleep | Manifest What You Want!!

Realise Your Purpose in Life

Being alive is not simply living in the same monotonous clang of routine. Being alive means living for something bigger and grander than you. It does not really mean becoming successful or getting married and having kids. Having a fulfilling life is different for every person, just as everyone is different from each other. The journey to finding out what you want to live for starts when you are faced with moving forward or keeping in tune with what is routine or what is expected. It starts when you first ask the big questions.

Personal Growth – How Dress Have An Important Role in Our Personality

When someone is silent, his or her outlook speaks about their inside personality. When they speak, their personality get more cleared and others get a true idea about them. Outlook is made of the articles, items or dress, hair style and gestures of our body.

Is “Not Knowing Enough” Stopping You?

As I talk with people, there is a fear common among so many entrepreneurs and service professionals. A fear that haunts them and removes much of the joy they could experience in their business. It is the fear that they do not provide enough value or they don’t know enough.

Your Life Through The Law of Attraction

To find and follow the right path, you need to look at who you are and how you live so that you can make the right choices to live life to the full and follow the right path. By studying The Law of Attraction, you can use it to…

Success Principles – The Principle Of Applying Faith

Faith, hope and love are the three pillars of inspiration & motivation. Faith is belief. Faith is an attitude of mind. It is life force energy.

Tips Helping You To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

Believe it or not, the fastest way to get where you want to be, is to be happy with where you are! It may take some changes and soul searching on your part, but in the end, it’ll be more than worth it to adopt this positive mentality.

The Importance Of Focus In Life: Look Where You Want To Go

In this article I share a secret to life that I discovered again for myself just this very morning. It fits with my belief that we are each the creators of our own lives.

Overcoming Life Problems For A Better You

You need to know that hardships and the life problems you face are compulsory for success to happen. Also know that you are not supposed to get the panacea for…

How Do You Make People Feel?

People may forget what you said or did but they remember how you make them feel. Making others feel special and good about themselves is a critical key to building a strong personal brand.

How to Live With Very Little Money

Here are 17 tips to help those who wish to live meaningfully, and productively without so much money. A good part of them have been inspired from the life experiences of the writer (as well as those people he has known these past few years).

Purposeful Life – How to Find Your Unique Purpose

A purpose is not a mere occupation or profession – it is much more. Neither is a meaningful purpose a destination.

Summer Reflections

Remember summer vacation when you were in elementary school? For me it meant freedom from school and all the work it entailed, time to read endlessly and time to ride my beloved bike. In later years it meant working, playing golf with my Dad, and taking extra courses at school. Then it became going to the pool and for walks with an infant or toddler, neighborhood cookouts and the like. The cycle continued to fun activities with grandchildren and back to learning at conferences and working.

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