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Short Term and Long Term Decisions

Sometimes you will experience temporary pain from decisions you have to make. Some of these decisions may be hard for some people to make, but if you choose to live a life of integrity, the right decision will be staring you in the face. You may sacrifice something for the short term, but in the long-term, you will have gained much more than you sacrifice.

Guidelines to Follow Before Making Decisions

For every big decision in your life, you should have a predetermined decision making process. This decision-making process will help you when difficult or confusing decisions come about in your life. Professional golfers have a routine that they follow before every single shot…

Making Decisions – It’s Ok to Say No and Walk Away

Many people think that when opportunities show themselves, that they must take advantage of them instantly. You get flooded with emotions and end up making a decision that is not in your best interest. It is okay to walk away from anything or any deal at any time. Life is full of deals, no matter what part of life you are thinking about. There will always be more people, more real estate, more business deals, etc.

Prioritizing Your Decisions – It’s As Easy As 1-10

Prioritizing your decisions in life is very important. If you do not, you will constantly be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Everyone has had days where they run around doing everything, yet they feel like they have accomplished nothing. Unless you set priorities in your life, this will be the case.

Doing the Right Thing – No Matter What It Costs

Doing the right thing in life takes guts and priority. It is very difficult to do the right thing, especially when you are faced in a situation that involves money and/or some form of greed. Many people will not do the right thing simply because it’s easier not to. They have much more to gain by not doing the right thing than they have to lose. You must make it your first priority in life to always do the right thing, no matter what it cost you.

Are You a Victim Or Victor

YOU always have the ability – in all of life to be either…the victim or the victor. With the exception of “Acts-of-God,” which account for maybe 2% of life’s occurrences – 98% of your life, career, marriage, financial situation, family matters are ALL the result of…either things you DO or things you don’t do. Seriously you can change the course of a life, a relationship, a career – in a heartbeat (as Tony Robbins says). If you truly want control, I believe that either you control your life or your life controls you. Life is a wonderful thing.

How To Forgive So Your Life Gets Easier

One of the key components of all forgiveness is to forgive yourself first. Most people want to blame someone else for what happened to them but you will never end up letting go and being able to move on if you don’t turn the focus onto yourself and forgive yourself first. Our past tends to be exaggerated in “all or nothing” ways.

Stop Resisting Forgiveness and Truly Move On

Once you realise why you resist forgiving yourself or someone else it makes it way easier TO forgive. It’s a bit like what Louise Hay says, being willing to change isn’t actually doing what you want to do but taking one step back and the energy of willingness will move you forward. Some reasons why you may resist forgiving are you feel that it’s a weak thing to do.

Author’s Stumbling Blocks

Writing a book or anything else for that matter is not always an easy task. In fact, it can be daunting. Some of us just don’t like to write. Others do but find the stumbling blocks mentioned in this article to be big barriers to overcome. They become mental road blocks and are hard to overcome, get around or just plain smash. Being aware of them is the first step to understanding how to deal with them. When you get stopped by one or more of them it is time to stop writing and acknowledge what is happening. Then you are in a position to deal with them and hopefully move on.

The Importance of Failure

Some people are afraid to try because of the fear of failure. They fear that it will bring shame or disgrace, but failure teaches us a lot too. Probably some of our most valuable and important lessons are from the difficult experiences that we had to really work hard to master. Those lessons are never forgotten.

3 Reasons Successful People Are Able To Do It

If you want to be successful and create the results you want, read this article to the end. You are going to discover the 3 main reasons successful people are able to do it. As long as you know the reason, you can do the same and produce outstanding results in your life.

Want Your Own Life Blueprint? Here’s How to Dream It, Build It, Live It!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all received a custom set of instructions at birth? The welcome news is that you can create your own life blueprint, customized especially for you. Finally, you can become the architect with an opportunity to design your ideal lifestyle.

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