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It’s Never Too Late To Start A Second Career

We had a celebratory lunch yesterday with my parents as my mum is turning 73 on Tuesday. My mum is still healthy albeit she does not hear well even with a hearing aid. My mum started her second career about a decade ago after having been a housewife almost all her life.

Lack Is A Dangerous Thing

Being in lack is not a noble thing. It certainly does not make you more spiritual. In fact it is dangerous to be in lack especially when you are on the spiritual path.

It’s Time to Take Control Of Your Life – 4 Questions That Will Get You Started

Before you manifest desire or goals, it’s worth discovering Who You are and What is Important to You. You don’t what to get what you want and then realize its not what matters to you. A lot of folks spend so much of their time chasing dreams and things and wonder why they aren’t able to get it. It may be that its not what you actually want or you have fears associated with it that slow you down. The article give s a good starting point – an exercise that will help you identify the REAL you.

Life Is Like A House of Cards

In our temporal house of cards, roofs leak, tires flatten, clothes fade, and people retire. Such houses can easily succumb to the winds and waves of changing styles and tastes, to economic collapse and failure, and to personal loss. Fortifying ourselves against such dangers lies in securing relationships and serving others. This is where personal peace is found.

The Fear We Face

Have you noticed that the anticipation of facing something fearful is so much worse than the actual facing itself?  Yet we work ourselves up with visions of the worst possible outcomes, live the pain ahead of actually facing the reality.  And then – in the end, facing that fear is most likely anti-climatic.

My Own Personal Storm

Previously I chatted about the storms we know – and avoid anyway. Until they run us down. Today I want to share a story about my own storm – and how I ignored it until it was staring me in the face, ready to blow me over.

Feeling Empty Inside?

Depression and discouragement plagued me for years. Today, is different. I still have my bad days but for the most part I live a happy, joyous life. Come find out what I did.

Violence Within Women – Healing and Realization of the Good Within

There is an enormous amount of violence against women. After such trauma, many of these women may feel there is no good within them. Discover how to begin the healing and recognize the good within.

6 Tips to Proven Strategies to Cope When Being Bullied

Here are 6 useful tips to help you cope when people decide to bully you. Sometimes it can become quite difficult as you may feel that they won’t stop even if you decide to ignore them. Please use these tips as a guideline and speak to another person/counsellor for more information and talk about your situation.

10 Clutter Habits To Break

How successful would you be at losing weight if you ate healthy wholesome food “along” with greasy junk food? Or would you teach your child to say “Please” and “Thank You” but disregard their bad habits of swearing or interrupting you when you are talking? Getting organized is really about developing good habits along with unlearning the bad ones. Here are some habits that must be broken if you are going to be successful in keeping an organized and clean home.

Chloroformed By The Saboteur Within

An insight to the inner workings of your mind and how you too may have a Saboteur Within, working below your conscious radar. This particular article looks at how a one time experience can produce very problematic long term effects. I remember as a child being intrigued by espionage and spy movies. Invariably, at some point, they would have a scene where the bad guy would open a bottle of clear liquid and add a few drops to cotton wool. He would then sneak up on the good guy and grab him from behind whilst covering his mouth with the cotton wool. One whiff and the good guy would be unconscious. The chloroform moment!

How To Develop An Amazing Sense Of Humor, Fast!

A person with a good sense of humor is often liked compared to those who do not have such. Here are some tips on how you can learn how to have a good sense of humor.

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