Why Am I So Happy?

From an everyday perspective my life is far from perfect. In reality my world is positively awesome. I know for a fact that anything unfulfilled in my life is directly caused by some part of what I believe to be true. This is usually something we are unaware of since it isn’t an active thought but rather some belief about reality or self on a more subconscious level. I am not perfect and neither is anyone else. I do however possess a vast amount of knowledge and a good deal of wisdom when it comes to self improvement and personal development.

Dream Time – Get the Life You Want

We are all responsible for our own lives and how it turns out. There comes a time where we must stop blaming situations, circumstances or others. At the point when we decide take total ownership, then the time to dream should soon follow.

And Are You Ready to Make That Change?

We can all make changes at the conscious level, however it is when we recognise what we need to do to make changes at the unconscious level, that permanent change takes place. In this article you can start to allow yourself to be guided to what is going on at the unconscious level and get an understanding of how you can become the director of your own ‘film’.

Are Your Habits Shackling Your Success?

Everything you learn, you either learn from observation, imitation or repetition. This learning, over time gets converted into your habits, which either serve you or keep you trapped in a life of mediocrity. Your habit set, starts to develop, from offhand remarks, fleeting ideas and vague images, which settle layer upon layer, in your mind and through repetition, these unimportant, wispy cobwebs keep growing, until they turn into thick inflexible cables, which can either shackle and limit you or strengthen your ability to succeed.

Are You Scared to Change?

When I meet my clients for the first time, the majority of people actually know deep down what they SHOULD be doing, but they are not moving forward due to fear of what COULD happen. We often fear the worst if we change a habit or behaviour fearing that other people won’t like it or that we won’t be able to handle the outcome. In addition, I often hear people say that they tried to do something different, but then were over come with guilt or a feeling of uncomfortable so they reverted back to the old behaviour again as…

Love Thyself As Thy Neighbour

We probably all know that it is important to “love thy neighbour”, to be nice to people and to treat them well. If we treat other people nicely, if we help them where we can when they need it, if we exchange pleasantries as we pass, if we look out for each other, the world is a better place, isn’t it. But picture what it is like for the one individual who you are not treating this way…

4 Things a Coach Will Do For You (And 4 Things They Shouldn’t)

People often wonder if or why you should hire a coach and part of this I think stems from confusion about what a coach does. They see life coaches on the TV and portrayed sometimes misleadingly and wonder what the benefit in taking one on is. In this short article I intend to clarify four specific things a coach can and will do for you if you ask them, as well as four things they should avoid.

A Narcissist in the Family

Do you have someone in your family, or perhaps even a close friend, with narcissistic tendencies? I know many people who do, both friends and clients, and it’s something I have personal experience of too.

Think Different (Who Was Steve Jobs?)

Thanks to Steve Jobs we all think differently. Many, many stories have been written about Steve particularly since his death. They have primarily focused on how he influenced our thinking about technology, and about the way and through what vehicles we all communicate. Unquestionably, because of his innovative genius all of our lives are different. However, the question is, whether or not the differences are always entirely good?

Contracting for Behaviour

A few posts ago I shared some Heidvice for parents of young children. I’ve been asked by many parents for some suggestions for older kids and teenagers. Or, for the child that loves writing so much that she was asking her mum what she had to do to get the writing task.

Managing Stress Like a Computating Yogi

Today more then ever before we have so much going on. We have technology which makes much of life easier – email, the internet and mobile phones are some examples.

Struggling to Surrender

It is not uncommon for those of us in the healing profession to simultaneously be experiencing the exact same things our clients are experiencing. That’s one of the greatest gifts, I find, in being a healer, we heal in others that which needs to be healed in our self. Recently I have noticed a common thread in my conversations with almost every client, the illusion of control has been running the show and nothing is getting done other than frustration, self-sabotage and negative self-talk.

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