How Long Do You Have to Reverse the Negative Thought… Before It’s too Late!!

A Good Personal Growth And Development Plan Will Turn Failures Into Success

The main tool that can turn your failures into success is a personal growth and development plan. If you think that destiny rules your life and all that is happening in your life are sheer coincidences, you can not be more wrong. Our decisions to do certain things act as a catalyst that triggers these happenings.

Thoughts on Improving Your Life

Your thoughts are real! Aren’t they? Don’t they seem real to you? That’s because they are! They have their own energy, and once thought assume their own life. A thought reinforced becomes a reality to you.

Same Soup, Different Bowl

What if each of us is on a mission to create intimacy? AND, what if this intimacy is exactly what’s necessary for experiencing a world of abundance?

The “Wounded Inner Child” Is an Egoic Figment of Your Imagination – The Little Prince Series

So what should you actually do when you feel insecure, hurt, put down, inadequate, or wounded? If we want to get past feeling insecure, or any of our feelings of inadequacy, we have to become aware of how we reinforce our insecurity with endless mental chatter. It’s as if we had a tape in our head, churning out anxious thoughts that play through our brain continuously.

Learn How the Martial Arts Principle of Jujitsu Mirrors Personal Development Training

In other words, it’s mostly mental training; the physical training is a by-product. One of the most notorious combat arts, Jujitsu.

Portfolio Careers – Taking Your Work In A New Direction

Upon leaving my corporate career, one question that I often received was what I was going to do now that I was leaving my everyday position. At that time, I wasn’t all too sure myself, but I suspected that I would stay active in some form of “career.”

Becoming Your Best Self – 5 Words to Banish From Your Self Talk

We all want to ‘think positively’ but that’s not as easy as it sounds. Here are 5 words that you want to consciously eliminate from your self talk. These 5 little words can reap plenty of negative thoughts!

How to Stop Procrastination From Depriving You of Success

Building, running and owning a business is set with a host of unique challenges and opportunities. With all the excitement of proprietorship it is easy to have lapses of interest or desire in one’s professional endeavors.

Becoming Your Best Self – 5 Barriers to Personal Growth

As we pursue personal growth and development, focused on becoming our best self and living our lives in wholeness, we continually run into stumbling blocks that stall us for some amount of time. Read this article to find out about the most common of those stumbling blocks.

Personality and Psychology in the Workplace

Navigating the shark-infested waters of workplace interactions will go much easier if you have a high EQ; that is, emotional intelligence. Your behavior and that of others comes from unconscious psychological motivations and inner conflicts. Understanding this will give you the tools to be strategic in your dealings with colleagues and superiors. Instead of feeling frustrated, resentful or helpless, you can become empowered and successful in the workplace.

Simple Life Is Good For You

We all want to live long and happy. Human quest for permanence is well known. Now this is a never ending quest as permanence does not exist and as life on Earth has become quite complex too.

Becoming Your Best Self – 10 Lessons Learned From “The Closer”

My mother and I are both big fans of “The Closer”, TNT’s hit show now in it’s 6th year. Kyra Sedgwick plays a strong, feminine, feisty, Southern, sometimes pushy and overbearing head of Los Angeles’ Major Crimes Division, Brenda Leigh Johnson.

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