How I Felt Transitioning from Eric Ho to Master Sri Akarshana [TRUTH REVEALED!!]

What Is the Source of Fear?

Its everywhere – in the news, movies, music, at work, at home, at school, in politics, sex, each other – FEAR. Discussion of lively subjects like politics, religion and sex are off-limits because we have so much fear of one another’s opinion.

You Thought It Was Just You!

When we make a decision to put ourselves first and begin taking care of ourselves, all kinds of great things happen. Yes, it is about having a fabulous figure that you love and feel good in, but it is also about self esteem, confidence, happiness, joy, and anticipation of what is to come into your life.

Three Words to Empower You For Success!

“Intentions not Expectations”. These three words have been critical in helping me go from an out of control stutterer to a confident motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. I strongly believe these three powerful words can help anybody overcome whatever challenge they face in their own life.

How to Avoid the Boredom

Boredom is, mostly, the result of inactivity. When we find nothing to be done, we start getting bored. It can act quite badly on our psyche as well as on our mental health.

What Are You Thinking?

Before I asked, have you ever stopped in the midst of your busy life and attempted to answer that question? If so, what was your answer?

Difficult Person or Difficult Situation?

At times we all have to deal with difficult people. But what if we instead choose to look at those challenges as difficult situations instead of branding the person difficult? This approach has the power to totally change how you react and respond. In fact, here are six tips to help you masterfully handle any difficult situation you may encounter.

How to Dissolve the Ego

Our ego is that menacing voice inside our head that is always dishing out negativity and irrational advice. It is the stinging feeling we get when we know we are being judged; it is the part of us that believes we know everything; it is the unprecedented advice we love to give others; it is the high feeling of being right; it is the yearning feeling to be recognized and praised for our doing; It is the reason we are able to react to situations (acting on auto-pilot) rather than always consciously thinking before we do. When we disallow ourselves to succumb to the wretched depths of the ego we can dissolve so much negativity that lingers within our surroundings: hatred, grudges, jealousy, anger, depression, and misery can all be overcome when you realize how interconnected they all are to the ego. It is when we give-in to our ego that we develop negativity and saturate others with it, too.

Do Things You Don’t Want to Do Sometimes

It can be tempting to feel that we should have what we want all the time, constantly please ourselves. But living in a world with others requires some levels of compromise and restraint. And there are advantages to doing things we don’t want to do sometimes.

“Life”, Just What Is That Anyway?

This article proposes the idea that the current Western thinking regarding the nature of, “life,” and the balance of what I call, “reality” has been distorted by the consensus Scientific Belief System, a major tenant of which is that only that which can be defined as physical, as opposed to non-physical, exists. In addition the power of the world’s major Religions to dictate their particular version of Reality, whether it is Christian or any of the others, have inculcated great fear in their believers should they personally have experiences which call into questions those indoctrinated beliefs. Any contrary views and earlier beliefs have been firmly suppressed, firstly by the major religions and, subsequently, by the developed Western Consensus Scientific Belief System.

What to Do When Someone Moves Your Goalpost: How to Survive When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

With so many conflicting priorities, changes in education policies and its accompanying pressures on headteachers, even the best of headteachers begin to think their best isn’t good enough. How do you survive when you are doing your best but it just doesn’t seem good enough?

Starting a New Career at 50

How do you handle a major life change? What if you decide halfway through your life you want a new career? You want to do something different? You want more meaning in your life? It’s a common occurrence. If you’re feeling this way you’re not alone.

The Quality of Your Life Is Determined By This One Thing

What is it that separates those who continually strive for and achieve their dreams and those who simply settle? What is it that separates those who continually stretch and grow and those who stagnate and become average? The answer has its roots in the psychology underpinning the Comfort Zone.

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