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Deep Breathing Made Easy – A Simple Easy Way to Relax

Would you like a simple easy way to relax? We are often told to take a deep breath when faced with a stressful situation. Yes, deep breathing can indeed work wonders, but for a maximum benefit the breathing should be controlled.

Ten Ways To Manage Your Emotions

In Chinese medicine, too much joy and happiness can precipitate heart problems. The idea is to sustain moderation in all things, including feelings. Recently I was granted a marvelous opportunity. When I received news of this I immediately went into chest pains. Fortunately my heart is fine. But I had to receive energy medicine and acupuncture to ease the discomfort. Too much adrenaline caused some problems.

Change Forces Choices

You can neither avoid change nor resist it. Change happens. Change forces choices. How you respond will determine who you become. You cannot control the circumstances that come into your life but you can control your response.

The Many Ways to Challenge Fear

There are many ways to battle fear – from breathing techniques to working with your thoughts. But one of the most effective is taking action that says “no” to fear and “yes” to love and faith.

Who Do You Associate With?

“Birds of a feather flock together” Who do you surround yourself with? People who believe in you?

The Five Things You Need to Know About the Subconscious Mind

Discovering the transformation that can be achieved in life through the subliminal mind is one of the most powerful things you can ever learn in life. This gives us the power to induce any change in our psychological makeup, considering the influence that the subconscious has on who we are. Β  The potential of subliminal suggestions was discovered around fifty years ago, but until now not everyone is able to take advantage of its full power.

Healing Our Emotional Wounds

Claiming our emotional baggage is essential to our growth and our happiness. Once we have claimed our emotional baggage, we can begin the task of unpacking each emotional item and figuring out which can be worn again, which was ruined by the travel and which ones can be recycled to become something new.

How To Turn Your Loneliness Into Happiness

Loneliness is contagious. According to new studies by the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, loneliness can travel from person to person in the same social circles and proximity. Online or offline, it doesn’t matter.

Priceless: The Gift Of Belonging To Your Own Special Tribe

I have to congratulate myself for staying true to my commitment to remain above the fray of Christmas craziness this year. You know what I’m talking about – the Christmas songs that start around Halloween and continue nonstop until the new year; the never-ending holiday ads that try to guilt you into spending more money on presents than you make in a year; the over-crowded malls, department stores and grocery stores, and the ridiculously long check out lines.

Choose To Be A Doer Of The Word In 2011

We can read in the Old Testament that man has always had a struggle with the effects of the curse that came upon the earth after Adam made a very bad choice and listened to what the devil had said to his wife. Bad Choice, wouldn’t you say?

How To Find The Key to Free Yourself, Fulfill Your Dreams And Become Wealthy

People for one reason or another become disempowered, they lose sight of their dreams and begin to believe that they are not possible. Because of a lifetime’s conditioning, and the influence people have had on us, this colours our whole outlook on life. Couple this with our current financial and social status, and sometimes it all feels too hard, and we just want to give up.

Six Faces of Fear

The six general fears most people face are the fears of poverty, death, ill health, loss of love, old age, and criticism. Most of these fears are all learned fears that we develop during our childhood years. The only fear that is probably inherited is the fear of death which goes with our survival instincts. The others are all learned by how we are taught and our experiences as we grow. What we need to come to terms with it that the only thing that matters is our opinions of ourselves and that no amount of worrying is going to change anything or stop it from happening, only taking control of our lives and the situations around us will change anything.

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