Higher ENERGIES Are Talking to You!! | Parallel Reality Alignment [Don’t Ignore!!]

Never Ever Give Up – Read Motivational Life Quotes

At time, you might feel like giving up as you embark yourself on a journey to success. You might want to give up and get back to your old mediocre life during the low time. It does happen to everyone who is endeavoured to live life beyond what they are expected.

Gratitude: The Antidote for Toxic Emotions

Are you experiencing some toxic emotions like anger, bitterness, irritability, hopelessness or depression? Discover how gratitude counteracts toxic emotions and restores inner peace and joy.

Learning How to Embrace Death Enables Us to Live Magnificently

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: Facing the Perplexing Confusion Surrounding Death Confusion is the doorway to enlightenment! When we are confused, we are in the best state of the moment for the moment we are in. No other moment could serve the perplexing premise of our unsettled position more succinctly than being completely, utterly, hopelessly confused.

Using Your Body Energy For Connection To Others

Until Albert Einstien’s discoveries in the early 1900’s, we, in the Western Hemisphere, believed our bodies were solid. He opened up the reality that we are made of energy vibrating at various frequencies. In fact, the human body is almost all energy. We can learn to feel our own energy and that of others around us. It is truly an amazing experience to get in touch with this aspect of ourselves. Some of us are very aware of our energy vibrations and others of us need to increase our sensory acuity to be able to notice and feel it. I was recently in a seminar where we did just that.

Lessons of Greatness To The Future

It is a crude age, violent and disheartening deeds. But slowly is being trained to discipline and self discipline all in the interest of the sustainability of the human race. The character of our age, the western tradition and the accepted way of life has been scribbled by many authors.

Watch What You Say: How The Words You Think Become the Life You Live

How you label something effects how you view it. That applies to the words we use and the thoughts we think. This light-hearted, playful articles illustrates that principle. (It was ironically inspired by the delirium of being out-of-town, delayed, exhausted, and weary from what the airlines had foisted upon me in the name of their twisted, loose definition of “customer service.”)

Finding Peace Within Yourself – Feel Better About Yourself

When your life is filled with turmoil and uncertainty, it might seem impossible to feel peaceful inside. Perhaps your thoughts are troubled by worries about the future and anxiety about the circumstances you find yourself in. You can’t seem to stop your mind from spinning with all the negative possibilities that pop up, often prompted by watching the news or talking to a friend who approaches life from an attitude of lack and complaining. If you truly wish to have a sense of peacefulness and contentment, however, it is indeed possible.

How to Coach Yourself to Harmlessness

Harmlessness, does that mean lying down and being passive, not causing trouble, or could it be about actively avoiding causing harm at any cost? Are you open to consider the subject of harmlessness in a completely new and different light? Then let us begin the positive habit of being a coach to oneself of harmlessness!

Whatever Happened to the Human Race! Adversity and Tragedy Breeds Golden Opportunity

The Adversity and tragedy of the Human Race is described vividly in the book “Whatever Happened to the Human Race”. Whatever Happened to the Human Race is a book written by Francis A. Schaefer; and C. Everett Koop…

The Shift: Moving Beyond the Western Tradition

It appears as if the age old saying that “things don’t change very much here on earth is the truth”. Is the human race still living in the dark ages? Is there hope for the human race for a life of peace free of depression, ugliness, poverty and terror?

Feeling Better When You Feel Lonely

It is normal to experience times of feeling lonely, but when the pain of loneliness lingers, it’s a good idea to address the issue rather than continue hoping it will go away on its own. For many people, getting busy with their favorite projects is a tried-and-true solution, but for others, the loneliness goes deeper and needs more specific remedies.

Hypnotherapy Is a Most Amazing Tool for Mental Clarity and Perception

Hypnosis is not your traditional therapy. In my opinion, it’s much much simpler with amazing side effects. What better way can you become totally relaxed, achieve pure mental clarity and fix unresolved issues that have been weighing you down all at the same time?

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