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Are Your Hidden Payoffs Holding You Back From Success?

At some point in our lives, most of us have felt stuck, or even trapped, in a situation or environment we know is not meeting our needs. We keep telling ourselves that it’s not too bad, that we can tough it out, that everything will be OK in the long run, or that other people’s happiness is more important than our own. So stuck we stay, pretending to be happy but knowing all along that we really want more. We want a better situation, we want a better relationship, we want a better job, we want a better life…

Choosing Happy, Even When the Castle Walls Come Tumbling Down

Once upon a time I had a fairy tale life… and then it wasn’t. I was married to an Emmy nominated television producer and writer, I had 4 beautiful children, and I was a successful author in the midst of a media and talk show tour when the castle walls came tumbling down. I experienced “the worst that can happen.” My child died. The death of a child changes every chapter of your book of life. Your child left this earth before you, and for that, you have to create a whole new way of existence. I was forced to reinvent my life and discover a path to resilience. This is my story and how I changed tragedy into reclaiming joy.

Good Questions to Ask at the End of the Day

Bring your day to a peaceful close by asking some good questions before you fall asleep. Put your mind at ease and focus on what was positive about the day.

Do You Keep Up With Old Friends?

Last week in the middle of the afternoon, I got a call from an old friend with whom I had not talked with in a couple of months. Caller ID read “George” in bold letters and I smiled and quickly picked up the phone.

You Know What Your Problem Is? (I Can Change Only Me)

They only thing we can change is us. We can’t change anyone else; we can’t change many circumstances. We might be able to influence others for the better, but only if we change ourselves and become a leader whom they might be willing to follow.

Laugh At Yourself!

The #1 Most Important Personality Trait for Happiness and Success! Sure being humble, generous, kind, and compassionate have their place in the world.

How to Begin Editing Our Karma? [Part 1]

It is time to better understand how karmic energy infuses each of the moments we qualify ‘good’ as much as the moments we qualify ‘bad’ or unpleasant. Karmic energy is as much in and around us as the air we breathe.

Trust Is an Important Part of Teamwork

Working as part of a team enables many skills and talents to be brought into a project but teamwork always requires certain qualities and attributes to support its success. Let’s look at the importance of trust in teamwork.

Networking in the Church?

What seems like a very easy thing to do withing a church environment is not quite the way it always works out. It’s important to take notice of how we and others network with each other and make a positive improvement that can open the door to future opportunities. It matters not what we do, have, or think about others. It matters HOW we communicate with other church members without looking to satisfy our own agendas and never take into account others accomplishments and achievements. Networking is not for a select few as we ALL do it in one way or another. Let’s be fair!

Why We Should Give and Receive

I am sure that you have all heard the expression “tis better to give than to receive”. Right? Well actually it’s not quite right. It would be better if that expression where to read “tis better to give AND to receive”. Why? The reason is actually quite simple.

Why Do You Speak English With a Foreign Accent?

In this short article I will explain why you have a an accent. Then I will explain 3 areas you must study if you want to reduce your accent.

Dealing With Changes

Every day we change. There is new information to learn, new technology, new challenges new opportunities, and new experiences to see, hear and read. Change is inevitable, but how we deal with change, well that’s a different story. Don’t fight change, embrace it and this article will tell you why.

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