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Moving Away? Cope With the Separation Through Subliminal Messages

Do you know that there are actually people who suffer from separation anxiety? Any kind of separation will always be painful, especially if parties have already established close relationships with one another. Parting always brings about a period of worry and uncertainty.

The Little Things That Make Our Lives Great

We tend to ignore or take for granted the little things we do every day, those familiar rituals like making coffee in the morning, taking a shower, listening to the sounds of the house as it wakes up with us, or opening the windows to let the new day in. Our minds seem to be focused most of the time on major events, decisions we need to make, grand plans for the future. We believe this is what makes our lives meaningful; it is what we look forward to, what gets us up in the mornings…

Personal Growth – How to Set Your Goals So They Can Be Achievable

Do you have a 15-day goal and a 30-day goal? Have you frequently achieved your goals? This article will introduce you to a powerful goal-setting method.

Do You Want More Active Members In Your Club? Then Go Tell Someone To Fail!

Many people love to quote eloquent speakers. Martin Luther King, “I have a Dream…” Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Personal Development Course

Motivation is a driving force. To motivate, we need to know exactly what we want, have strong desires and willingness to move further in life and achieve our goals.

Three Ready-To-Use Steps for Coping With Borderline Personality Disorder

If you suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder than you are probably trying to find out a few effective coping strategies in order to alleviate your suffering and pain. To start with, borderline personality has a specific trait which differentiates it from other mental disorders. It is the fear of abandonment or punishment from other significant individuals to us, especially those who have an authority or influence.

Three Lessons From Eat Pray Love

Like millions of women across the world, I recently saw “Eat Pray Love” with a couple of girlfriends. It was a complete estrogen fest with popcorn (too much butter, excess salt), and it was terrific. While the movie is enjoyable, the book’s better (as is usually the case), but then, the book doesn’t allow us to look at Javier Bardem as love interest Felipe. But beyond the eye candy and amazing scenery, women transitioning from being part of a couple to single again can eat up the lessons to be found in this story. Those would be: engage in serious self-care, seek your Higher Power, and find your life’s center or balance.

The Importance of Nurturing the Self

There is one thing every self-made, successful person I’ve ever met has in common. It’s self-confidence. Maybe they started out with it. Maybe their confidence grew as they accomplished more and more. They certainly possess it. Sorry, this isn’t an article about taking a relaxing bubble bath to nurture yourself. Or getting a massage. There aren’t enough bubbles and hot water in the world to make up for crushing a lack of self-confidence. This article is about ways to nurture your self-esteem and confidence so you feel more comfortable in your own skin. That’s better than any expensive moisturizer you can buy.

Overcoming Challenges Life Throws Our Way

Everyone has problems they have to deal with. Learn how to overcome challenges by changing your perspective and turning difficult situations into productive learning experiences.

Learning to Learn – What Can Stop Us From Being Able to Learn and Remember Easily

Many people have heard of the 4 stages of learning. Once you know them and you think about anything you have learnt in your life you will see you went through each of these stages. But what about when learning is not so easy? In Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology we discuss the concepts of low and high gear and integrated and un-integrated learning. Read on to find out how these stressless and stressful ways of learning could be affecting you.

Live Your Values, Define Your Life

Living your life around your highest values can allow you to be fulfilled and focused, giving you the tools to choose easily what is important to you, based on those guiding values. What are values? We all have values; they are the sum of your preferences and priorities, that you hold important in your life.

The Secret To Busting Through Personal Barriers!

Reveal the secret to busting through your personal barriers to gain access to your dream life. Every one of us has dreams of what we want our lives to be. But no matter how grand our dreams, or how great our goals and aspirations are; if we don’t acknowledge our personal barriers and find a way to bust through them we will never create the life that we dream of and deserve.

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