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You Are Not Good Enough the Way You Are

Everywhere we go in our society today, we’re told we’re not good enough the way we are. We’re told that we could look better, feel better, act better, or any number of other such things. The more important question however is “Why?” Not so much why we couldn’t be better or why we shouldn’t be better… because in general we always could be. The more important why is… “Why are they telling us that we’re not good enough the way we are?”

Thirty Questions To See If Your Life Is Working For You!

As the name suggests “Thirty Questions To See If Your Life Is Working For You!” is a list of thirty questions to help you take a closer look at your life. To help you look and see what’s working for you in your life and what’s not. You can then choose for yourself what you want to do about the things that are not working.

Using the Art of Visualization to Achieve Anything

I have used visualization in my life to get jobs, bring the right people into my life at just the right time, find the perfect word to inspire me at the perfect time and much more. Visualization is a powerful tool to achieve the inspirational life, the life of your dreams. The beauty of visualization is that anyone can do it. You can do it.

How to Make The Most of Life

Our attitude shapes our potential and ability to grow and achieve. How we can work on our attitude depends on us. Feel free to learn how to make the most of your life.


This is the second day step WISDOM of the 21-Day Focused Athletic Commitment. This is an Introductory Article on the definition of WISDOM and how anyone can acquire it to achieve any dream in this lifetime.

Change Your Life – 3 Steps to Coming Out of Your Mental Comfort Zone to Manifest Your Desires

When dealing with comfort zones, of the three levels – physical, spiritual and mental, I believe that the mental comfort zone is the most important because it greatly influences the other two. The mental comfort zone can inhibit or allow progress on both the spiritual and physical levels. Here are 3 steps you can use to change your life and manifest your desires by coming out of your mental comfort zone – in this article.

Create a Life in Which Work Is Fulfilling

Daily Spiritual Insight from the Story of The Little Prince The story of the businessman who is preoccupied with counting his money on the fourth planet the Little Prince visits brings us to the question of what use to others our life is. Are we contributing to others in a way that enriches their lives? We live in a world in which, particularly in the West, so much of what we do revolves around amassing not only enjoyable material goods but also fortunes stashed away.

Success: Inside or Out There Somewhere

It’s interesting to me to listen to those who want to be successful but have never been able to pull it off. They say things that imply that the success of others has come about because the person was lucky, or had help, or was born into it, and on and on. The fact that they believe this is very sad and disempowering.

What Do You Know About You?

I am not going to play a philosophical game of semantics here. That would be something like: If you are both the subject and the object, how could the first know the other? It is like two mirrors facing each other- just as self the subjects seeks to know what it is it becomes the object, like a dog running around chasing its tail. You realize you can never see your eyes of course; only their reflection. Such discourse adds nothing to the meaning of your life as far as I’m concerned, and in fact, I’ll go ahead and be bold enough to assert that this is exactly what self-analysis is.

When Changes Happen – Do You Accept Or Let Go?

Change is good is a common phrase among the successful and for good reason. Change is what keeps our minds fresh and hungry for knowledge. Change is the very essence of human evolution physically, mentally and spirituality.

Financial Literacy And Wealth Power

We all learn and understand and witness how the human beings’ struggle throughout their life to attain stability financially or otherwise. The rhythmic cycle oscillates between money, position, comfort and status both social and political. The general perception among masses is that power of money is the citadel of all phases of life. In fact, the picture is divergently opposite to the general perception.

3 Things That You Need To Do To Take Charge Of Your Life

Do you want to take charge of your life and start living the kind of life that you desire? If you do, this will be the best article that you cannot miss. What you are going to discover here are the 3 things that you need to do to create the results that you want and start taking charge of your own future.

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