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How to Be Popular With Those Around You

Talking about being popular seems so high school. Why should we try to be popular? Who do you think influences people? The person with no friends, or the one who’s popular with people. I’ll let you answer this. If you want to influence people, maybe your social group, maybe people at work you have to be popular with them.

Peer Pressure And How To Make Choices

How free are you to choose? When your social group wants to do one thing and you want to do something else – what happens? Do you need the approval of others more than you need your freedom? Interesting questions.

Giving A Child a Valuable Gift for Life

I truly believe that “Giving is Receiving,” teach a child love for family and friends, to have respect for themselves, teach them confidence and positive thinking and to challenge new things. Encourage them to have a dream and vision for their life, to communicate with family and friends. Change a life and give a child and yourself a valuable gift.

4 Needs We Cannot Live Without

Besides the physical, security, and survival needs vital to our humanity, every human being has psychological needs, which, if not met, threaten the person’s capability to actualise themselves. That is, where these psychological needs are not met the person in question may miss out on reaching their psychological potential. This is important not only for the person, but for all their loved ones, too. The psychologically healthy person cares for the psychological health of others. The opposite is also true. That is our primary concern. Personal psychological health has a ripple impact into the family and out into the community. Four basic needs need to be met. Every human being needs to be identified with, acknowledged, appreciated, and remembered.

Visualization As a Weapon Against Depression

Visualization offers a powerful tool for helping clients reframe depression. Instead of seeing depression as an irresistible force to which they must inevitably succumb, clients can learn to regard depression as an opponent that they are capable of defeating.

The Doormat

A doormat at the entrance of one’s home- something to step on to clean your shoes and keep the dirt you have tracked throughout the day from coming into your home. A doormat is not always used for the sole purpose of being in the front or back entrance of one’s home; sometimes it can be much deeper than that.

How to Expand Your Comfort Zone

Do you find yourself avoiding things that would be helpful to you professionally or personally because of your discomfort? Is the size of your comfort zone holding you back? Learn how to expand your comfort zone, so you can more fully enjoy your life?

Finding Your Life Purpose

What is it that makes you come alive? What is it that makes you feel like you are truly living the sort of unique and inspired life and are the person, that you feel…

Practical Success Strategies – Identify Your Level of Being

Do you find that you are not moving forward in your career, your relationships and you life? Read on to learn about strategies to identify where you are so that you can move forward to success and a lifestyle you deserve.

How to Use Self Improvement Books Effectively to Actually Improve Your Life

What stops you putting into place new learning and strategies from self development books that you read? Try this suggestion to make your efforts to improve your life more effective.

Know Yourself: Seven Steps to Self-Awareness

Here are seven basic steps toward knowing yourself. Inner work progresses through increments of insight and understanding when you follow these steps: one insight or personal observation a day, seeing diverse parts of yourself in different situations, be aware of the three realms of human existence, practice non-judgmental awareness of others, make your assumptions and beliefs conscious, balance action, desire and purpose in your life and, finally, ask “What do you honor?”

The People Around You Mirror Who You Are

My invitation today is to have the courage to explore the people who you do not want around you and to then try to discover why, you don’t want them in your life. Once you have explored and learned as much as you can about all the things you don’t like. Use this to examine your own life and see how you can use this information to help you to improve and grow.

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