Have You Been Affected by The Full Moon? [WARNING! Don’t Ignore These Signs!]

Is the Emperor Naked?

When we go to hear a spiritual teacher, what are we bringing with us? And who is actually going? Does what we bring get in the way of our experience or does it create our experience? Can the teacher sweep it aside and lift the curtain on our confusion? What are we projecting onto the teacher we’ve come to learn from?

What Is Your Life Purpose? What Is Your Calling?

Do you ever feel that your work is taking up more and more of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy? On top of that you may be chauffeuring the kids or grandkids to their ballet classes, birthday parties, or soccer games. You might also be looking after an elderly parent. Perhaps you attempt to have date night once a week (okay, let’s be real… make that once a month!) so you don’t forget what your partner looks like. All this… but for what?

How Your Beliefs Can Drive or Destroy Your Career

Beliefs are often formed in our early childhood and create our behaviour patterns and our habits. Beliefs unfortunately can hold us back. This article explores where beliefs come from with some inspirational stories of how you can change your beliefs too.

Rewire Your Brain by Taking in the Good

Have you noticed that positive experiences seem more fleeting than negative experiences? You may have a fabulous vacation or give the most brilliant speech and get rave reviews, but the next day find that your mood has deflated. On the other hand, when you make a mistake in public or have a misunderstanding with a client, you likely stress about it for a lot longer than that. This natural brain bias towards focusing on the negative makes sense from a survival perspective. Those of our mammalian ancestors who were relaxed and focused on enjoying the good things in life were more likely to get eaten by predators than the nervous ones who were constantly looking for danger. Primates who remembered what was dangerous and taught their young to be anxious about danger had more success in passing on their genes. The good news is that a very simple practice will systematically rewire your brain to replace your negativity bias with a positivity bias.

What Caused the Problem Can’t Solve the Problem

Life is full of problems. We have created most of our own problems. To solve our problems, we must become something better, and deal with our problems in better ways.

How Can I Tell When I’m Hypnotised?

A lot of people ask how they can tell when they’re hypnotised. It’s not an easy question to answer. If you’ve ever day dreamed, you’ve already hypnotised yourself but most people wouldn’t think that they were in a hypnotic state whilst they were day dreaming.

Give Meaning to Your Life

Many people believe that to give meaning to life requires a pilgrimage to a desolate part of the world, working with indigenous tribes and being of service. While I do not discount the value of this selfless work, the truth is that we can give meaning to our life through our own power to define what is important to us.

Creating Your Own Personal Mission Statement

Most of you guys are familiar with mission statements. You usually see them embedded into a business plan or posted on the wall of any respectable organization. But what if I told you that a mission statement could be for yourself?

Risky Investments – Taking a Chance Can Pay Off Sometimes

Have you guys ever been on the fence about choosing a career path that doesn’t exactly offer the greatest “job security” like a chef, artist, musician, or any entrepreneurial venture? Or struggled to make any important decision where the odds just aren’t in your favor? Read on for an amazing story and inspiration to follow your dreams!

What to Expect in a Hypnosis Session

Hypnosis is one of those subjects that most people know a little about but have difficulty pinning it down. That’s partly because your conscious mind is deliberately put to one side during a hypnosis session and partly because the actual hypnotic experience varies from time to time.

Texting Addiction – How Bad Is It? Part 1

She: “You hang up first.” He: “No, you hang up first!” She: “No, YOU hang up first.

Should I Hold That Difficult Conversation? 7 Clues to Help You Step Up

What prevents you from stepping up to a difficult conversation? At what point does a conversation become a problem rather than an opportunity to clarify, collaborate, and connect? When I’m working with organizational leaders stuck in conflict, it’s usually because someone has not held a difficult conversation early enough or well. The suppressed energy is causing relationship problems, work flow interruptions, and team divisiveness. The longer the delay, the harder it is to address the issue or even know what it is. The delay adds fuel to the fire, and issues grow larger and more diverse until the original problem is lost in the crowd.

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