Have a Wonderful Day ~ 10 Minute Morning Guided Meditation

10 Tips to Be a Healthy Writer

Writers tend to live sedentary lives. If we are overly sedentary, we will become obese and unhealthy. And if we are obese and unhealthy, we will be unproductive and anxious. In this article, I outline ten tips that when followed will allow the writer to be healthy and productive. All we have to do is follow these tips consistently and we will have optimal health.

How to Reconnect With Yourself Through Emotion Journaling

This exercise will reveal your subconscious patterns and will show you how you revert to certain emotional patterns and operate from these reactive places without even realising it. By trying this exercise for at least 1-2 weeks you can fully understand your emotions and receive clarity about your default emotional states. So let’s get started.

Is It Time To Ask Mother To Die?

Each human faces many deaths within one lifetime including many of their own deaths. The transition from a mother of young children to a mother of young adults is very much a death of oneself. Until a person can let go of the type of mother that they have been to the child, that person will not be able to move into a new life that is productive to both that woman and the young adult who is also birthing themselves into their next phase of life.

Adapt or Die

If we are to survive the current global downturn then it is the responsibility of every adult to review their situations and to adapt and prepare. The next generation will inherit a very different world. We cannot predict that world, but through our actions we can show them that survival is possible.

Crossed Wires: Why Connections Demand Our Attention

Our brains are all wired for connection. We have brain functions for tracking the expressions and behaviour of other people, for reading minds and predicting behaviour, and for ensuring that we stay connected. You don’t have much choice about connecting with others. You are wired for that connection. And wires get crossed. As much as we are pack animals seeking reliable connections, we also seek autonomy, safety, and growth.

You Can Love Someone and Hate What They Do

Why do we feel so guilty when we examine close relationships that cause so much pain and chaos in our lives? What underpins that unbridled and unearned loyalty that encourages us to continue looking the other way, knowing that another painful event is approaching even as we do it? When the person we are ‘covering for’ dies we become even more committed to preserving a memory that was always a fraud. Why do we do it?

I Am Able to Learn Quickly and Easily

Learning is a Life long process provided we are ready to learn. We can be effective learners if we know how we get motivated about learning. Learning how to learn is the best learning we can all have and must have. Self Growth then becomes an outcome and not a need.

The Long Long Road – There to Make Us or Break Us

Somewhere in our life we all arrive at a place where it seems like time stands still; the road appears too long, the journey too difficult to continue. Is it worth it; is there any reason to keep moving forward? “What’s in this for us,” we ask ourselves? Even though we have no choice but to proceed, life has begun to feel like we are climbing the rough side of a mountain. Why then have we allowed our steps to veer off to such a path?

The Power of Discipline in Running and Life

In the long run, discipline and rigor bring great benefits, pride, self-esteem and ultimately happiness. The quest of short-lived pleasures is rarely sustainable and rewarding both in life and running.

3 Shortcuts to Discovering Your Hidden Passion In Life

All across the globe people are searching for their passion in life. The one thing above all else that brings them joy and fulfillment. A passion can enhance and add color to our lives, provide us with pleasure and satisfaction, or even lead to a fascinating way to make a living. This article will look at ways to discover and cultivate that passion.

An Inspired Life: Ideas From A Mindfulness Coach

Learn the power of daily mindfulness practice for setting the tone, the energy, the environment, the mental focus, and the purpose for your day. By setting intentions for your day, you will create days that are more likely to bring the results you desire. And even when they don’t, you will find that you are enjoying more moments, being more creative, and living life more fully.

The Not-Me Syndrome

A common pastime at work, it seems, is pointing out flaws, missteps, and problems – especially the boss’s, a coworker’s down the hall, or that roadblock person in some other department. Stories of performance and style inadequacies, or snippets of memorable negative encounters can be repeated for days or even weeks. Some live perpetually in the work-culture, fueling rumors about a perceived inept, difficult, or bureaucratic department or person based on years-ago happenings.

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