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3 Killer Factors That Stop Most People From Getting What They Want

Do you have any dream or any goal that you want to achieve, but somehow you sabotage yourself and fail to accomplish it? If you do, this article can help you to overcome this problem and show you exactly what are the 3 killer factors that are preventing most people from getting what they want in their lives.

The Ultimate Key To Creating Amazing Results In Life

If you want to be successful, read this article right now. You are going to discover the ultimate key to creating amazing results in your life. As long as you follow through and apply the principle taught in this article, you are able to create great results in your life.

Love and Lust – Points to Ponder

At the outset, it is defined that love is as an inextricable attachment to a mate. The sincerity and earnest desire are compelling him or her, involving head over heel to get united. The extravagance of purity of love drives the physical urge of intimacy, thus giving birth to lust. It is also defined as confusing quasi love feeling. Therefore, the points to ponder are to inculcate moral and ethical values at the very young age. The guidance must be a continual process in the form of appreciation and encouragement at every step. They should be involved in healthy discussions. They should learn peripheral knowledge of the physiology and biology.

Are You In Emotional Labour?

Maybe I should explain what I mean first. To me ‘Emotional Labour’ is when our thoughts are creating emotions that ‘hurt’, hold us back, create a painful ‘catch’ in our breath, and more…You may not even realise that you are in ‘Emotional Labour’, you may have become so used to the ‘pain’ that it has become part of your every day life, or it could be that the pains are so intense that you fear moving away from ‘your comfort zone’ or perhaps you may just have a gentle nagging feeling that ‘there should be more to life than this’.

The Harmful Act

Why do people commit harmful acts, and then seek revenge. Here is the mental mechanism of what is going on here and the philosophy behind it.

Leverage What You Know to Gain Control of Your Path

Here is a quote I’d like to share with you, It is by Samuel Johnson (1709 – 1784) “Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.” For this short article let’s just focus on your working field of choice.

How to Stop Cussing in Three Easy Steps

How I went from a foul mouthed boss to a respected coworker. All I did was stop the colorful language.

“The Point of Power Is Always in the Present Moment” – Louise Hay

Sometimes we fear a sense of unease is a sign that there is a monster lurking in the closet of our unconscious mind. this is why we are often so resistant to growth. We fear that facing the problem is a challenge that we’re not ready for, so we try to live with the discomfort for as long as possible. When we can’t ignore it any longer, we turn on the light to find that the monster is only the shadow cast by a little mouse…

Thoughts From The Box – “How’s Your Vision?”

Have you ever been poked in the eye? It hurts doesn’t it? Well, in this edition of “Thoughts From The Box”, the Author shares another perspective about your vision that you should consider.

A Lot of Talk About Spirituality – The Little Prince Series

The grown boy who had at age six drawn a boa constrictor from the outside and the inside to represent what society was doing to his true self had enough sense to realize that most people are locked in the grip of social constriction and know nothing of real consciousness. So he would talk only about the kinds of things that interest unconscious people. I come across a great many who appear to be “clear-sighted.” They talk about being awake spiritually.

How To Enjoy Life Daily

Are you making the most out of your life? Are you forgetting to enjoy life? Do you say you are but you don’t really feel it?

What Is Stubbornness and What To Do?

This article covers the mental mechanism that an individual has so to make himself right, and what a person can do to help fix it. We call it stubbornness. It can destroy relationships. It can be fixed.

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