Guided Sleep Meditation to End Your Day

Those Damned Assumptions

We’re all pretty much programmed to have assumptions. We assume things based on our own perspectives, our history and our observations.

Become More Resilient: Learn to Accept Feedback

The old saying that practice makes perfect is inaccurate. The only way to do things better is to obtain feedback. This holds true whether you’re trying to play better golf or improve your performance at work.

How Do You Draw the Line?

I was raised to believe in the potential of people, to see others at their best and hold them there – even if they were struggling to live up to their opportunities. I was brought up to have faith in people. I still operate that way. The alternative is too darned negative for me to comprehend. But right now, I’m struggling with how to live by that philosophy and also run a business in the best way.

Who’s Got Your Power?

Never, ever give your power away to another. That’s some really critical wisdom for our business and our personal lives. Yet how often do we give away our power, without realizing we are slipping down that slope?

Comfort Vs Possibilities

Maybe you are going about your days engaging in the same activities, done the same way, day after day. Maybe it is like your favorite warm, cozy chair on a rainy day – where you are safe, relaxed and secure. It could also be the overwhelming work life you have, yet the familiarity of it keeps you there. For me it was a great job that I had been in for years and the house I owned in the town I grew up in. Both were very safe, secure and predictable, but both were missing something big – adventure and possibility.

Do You Find Yourself Whining Too Much?

Wallowing in your problems is no solution. Complaining and blaming others, while understandable, is ultimately ineffective. It is best to stop these self-defeating methods and take responsibility for your own life.

Are You A Cultural Creative?

Are you a cultural creative? Do you even know what that is? Four out of ten Americans are cultural creatives and many don’t even know it. Cultural creatives are actively involved in changing their culture. That can range from the green movement to political reform to health consciousness and beyond. In this article I will talk about several of the types of things cultural creatives are involved in and you can see if you, indeed, are on the cultural creative path.

Childish Peace

How long has it been since you lived in your bliss, you know, the one where you had no idea what life was all about? A life where someone else took full responsibility for all of your needs being met, where all you had to do was to play.

Think Better Thoughts About Others

Everyone has worth and value. Each one of us have something that we can offer to help humanity and enhance their lives. We all have varied talents and giftings which the Almighty God placed within us to use for the advancement of others. So everyone is important. This is vital to understand if we are going to treat people as we should. Indeed, God demands that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us. This is known as the Golden Rule. Notice that it does not say, “do unto others as they do unto you.” It does not say, “do unto others as they have done unto you.” It says that we should treat others like we desire to be treated. All of us want to feel wanted, right? Each of us desire to feel respected and perhaps, needed. If this is how we want others to treat us, we should be the first example of this kind of behavior.

Getting Rid of Intrusive Thoughts

Too many time people get caught up in thinking about the past. This only hinders their growth today and limits what they can achieve tomorrow.

Be, Do, Have – Change Your Thinking

Manifesting need not be the hard work people think it is. The term hard work comes from our parents, school teachers and carers. Who insisted the only way to get ahead in life was through hard work (good grades to get a J.O.B. with benefits). We then take this on board as one of our beliefs. This is a misconception of the idea to first become (contemplation) what you want to be. Becoming what you want to be means getting comfortable with the notion or idea of what you want.

Don’t Try – Do It!

Why you shouldn’t try anything, just do it. Yes ma’am, I’ll try to study harder and do better on my next test. I am sorry I’m late, I’ll try to be on time next week.

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