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Make Working From Home Work For You

Are you thinking about working from home? Perhaps you are already working from home and having difficulty getting it organized so you can actually get your work done. In either situation you may need some tips to help you along the way. I have been working from home for eight years and it has been a learning experience for me. I have finally found my answer. I am sure what will work for you will be unique to you but hopefully some of these tips will be beneficial to you. In any case, maybe they will shorten your path to getting your answer to the work at home dilemma.

Increase Your Sensory Acuity to Live More Fully

You take in all of the information around in through your five senses – vision, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. What would your world be like if you could increase the intensity of each of those? Everything would be more vivid – is that appealing to you? If you would like colors to be brighter and clearer, sounds to be more precise, texture to provide more sensation and food to taste and smell more intense, then you would benefit by improving your sensory acuity. We all have the capacity to do it unless we have some physical limitation that prevents us from doing it.

Keeping Your Sanity Through A Move

You are moving. You have years and years of accumulation of STUFF to go through. Yikes! It looks like an overwhelming, hair raising mountain ahead of you. How in the world do you get through all that STUFF in time to be ready for the moving van? And, to make things worse you have to have the house clean for the realtor to show. What could possibly be worse? You are torn between tossing and keeping a life of memories and memorabilia in a short period of time. Friends can’t really help because you need to make all of the decisions. What can you do?

Learning To Concentrate

Concentration seems to be one of the hardest things to learn for some people. One of these people if you have not guessed it is me. Most of my life I have suffered from bad concentration which has shown signally in my grades as a child.

Balance In Life

Most professionals struggle with balancing work with personal life. It is oftentimes difficult to find that middle ground that nourishes both areas. It is important to note that finding balance in life involves knowing yourself and what’s important to you, then making choices and establishing plans accordingly.

Dumping the Demons Within: The Voice Villain Or Villainess

Years ago, there was a television cartoon program that some of you may remember. Snidely Whiplash or Dastardly Whiplash was the villain who constantly concocted elaborate schemes and taunted Nell, the damsel in distress, by doing things like tying her to a railroad track. It was up to the good guy, Dudley Do-Right, to save Nell. Dudley Do-Right was an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and he always knew the right things to do and say to foil the scheme and come to the rescue.

Are You Practicing Non-Attachment? Or Are You Simply Not Choosing?

Non-attachment doesn’t mean not choosing. It means choosing, but knowing that you’ll be okay no matter what you get. You still set your intentions, place your order, and choose what you want. The non-attachment part refers to the fact that your happiness is not attached to those dreams coming true in the exact way you expect them to.

WE Has Reduced to ME

Me, mine, myself all these words depict a singular person who says it. God created the whole world with so many forms of life most special being the humans.

A Woman’s Novocain: Busyness

My girl friend, a very successful business owner, and I, have been trying to schedule attending a local workaholics meeting since January. We’re both too busy. Truth be told, we’re so busy, we are also using the workaholic’s meeting as an opportunity to visit with one another on the ride over and back. Always multi-tasking – we are the poster children for out-of-control busyness.

Footprints to Follow

Son shine in my Soul, sun shine in my life, soon, shine on all around! Funny how the little things we do effect others. I just ran over to one of the Social Media sites, caught up on the latest from everyone on my extremely small world of contacts, analyzed how I felt after reading the latest. Shadowed, shadowed by the thoughts racing through the minds of young people.

Strengths – How to Use Them to Solve Any Challenge

When faced with any challenge there is a rhythm that will help you tackle that challenge and achieve fulfillment at the end of the journey. The challenge may be that you aren’t sure what field to pursue in your career. It may be that you can’t decide how to approach a project. It may be that you aren’t sure whether or not to start a business.

Making Small Talks – How to Do It Right

We need to make small talks whenever we meet someone. We do not want to appear hostile! So find out how to do so correctly now!

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