Guided Meditation to Find Your Inner Peace During Challenging Times [USE ANYTIME – INSTANT BLISS!!]

How God Tells You It’s Time for a Change

Years ago, I had a 7-year-old Sunday school student ask me, “How do you know when God is talking to you?” Here’s my personal beliefs, inspired by Wayne Dyer…

Getting What You WANT?

We often hear people either discussing what they want, or complaining because they are not receiving their desired results, yet rarely do we discuss whether we are in touch with what we truly desire. How can anyone ever get what they really WANT if they fail to identify and understand what creates that feeling or need? Each of us must commit to being objectively introspective so that we have the opportunity to follow our principles towards inner happiness and satisfaction, because one can only achieve his desired results when he focuses on his needs, and follows his personal truths and…

Blessings and Beliefs

People are mad these days. Mad as hell and don’t want to take it any more. I say, good, be mad, but then let it go. Allow yourself to move through that energy and notice how you can shift the circumstances around you by not engaging. And even better than not engaging, how about blessing the person or situation you’re mad at?

The People Closest to You

No matter how smart or talented you are, we all need people who can keep us grounded and tell us the truth. Finding the right people to put in your “sacred circle” is the key.

Clutter – It’s Not Just About Being Disorganized

I have often found that clients whose homes have been taken over by clutter suffer from more than just the challenges of disorganization. It’s as if the clutter becomes a stifling, physical presence in the home or office, completely disabling her from making progress in any particular direction.

7 Ways You Can Kill Your Career

Career killers are character traits that will definitely foul up your career aspirations – if given a chance to pursue your career at all. Every office has a couple or more people with these traits. Do you have them?

What Are You Repeating?

Discover how you may be repeating patterns form your parents and grandparents which are holding you back from success. Have you given any thought about the generational patterns are in your family? Things like abuse, alcoholism, infidelity, and the example above have a nasty tendency to repeat, generation after generation.

Cause and Effect – Which One Are You?

Cause and Effect is an ancient Hermetic concept, which states that if you take responsibility for your life, you will gain maximum power. More importantly, you will create more peace and calm in your life.

Are We Teaching Our Children to Bully?

As our political differences have grown to a wide chasm, creating a deep divide in America, people began posting hateful messages about their opposing political party. Not messages citing differences in opinion, but ones that ‘call out’ anyone endorsing the opposing party, calling them names, blaming them for any event they are dissatisfied with and even taunting them.This practice has assumed a gang-like mentality that bears many resemblances to bullying.

The School of Hard Knocks (AKA Life)

Have you ever heard (or used) the expression, “I went to the school of hard knocks?” This comment is generally heard when someone else mentions their formal education. But in reality, everyone attends the school of hard knocks. This particular school is just another name for Life. How do you intend to graduate?

Control or Be Controlled: An Abuse Victim’s Life Strategy

This article traces the reasons why an abuse victim is always faced with the dilemma of controlling himself or being controlled by others. It also discusses the several methods of control that he employs.

Ask, “What If”

We can keep from doing the same tired things in the same tired ways by asking ourselves, regularly, “What if… ?” The subconscious tries to make things automatic, but there are some things that should not be automatic and should be given a great deal of thought. Some things need to be done on purpose.

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