Guided Meditation to Enjoy This Life

Ways to Develop the Right Mindset for Personal Growth

There are many ways to develop the right mindset for personal growth, and you as an individual have to choose the ones that are going to work for you. Personal growth takes dedication and self discipline, and if you don’t commit to changing your own mindset and working towards change on a daily basis, you can forget seeing any major achievements and changes in your personal growth.

And Where Does This Leave Me

As this year moves along, I see my trends appearing not to have changed, you know, all those little habits that I had such great hopes of altering so that my life would more accurately represent the person and relationships I desire. Oh yes, I forgot, I already am the perfect person, God made me that way!

Make A Decision To Create Change

First, let’s examine the word decision. The Latin meaning for the word decision is – “to cut off from.” When you make a decision, that means you cut out all of the things that comes from not taking action.

Reading Is Fundamental To Creating Success And Excellence

“Read At Least 30 Minutes Everyday.” Reading is definitely fundamental. It is also an excellent way for you to invest in yourself.

It Is Stupid to Reject Wisdom

Suggested Reading: Proverb 1:20-23 God’s wisdom is not hard to find, because His “wisdom calls aloud in the street.” Here wisdom is portrayed as a woman. In Greek, the word for wisdom is Sophia -a female name.

7 Attitudes To Overcome Procrastination And Achieve What You Undertake!

A common feature of all major millionaires is their strong confidence that, despite the challenges, they will achieve success. There is not a drop of procrastination that flowing through their veins. They are motivated by their goals and dreams.

Living From a Love-Based Paradigm Isn’t Easy – It Is Doable

One would think that my investment of time and money in my education and ongoing reading, research and practice would make living from a new paradigm easy. I wish I could say it was.

Being Happy Depends Only on You

You can look at people who have everything and you strive to emulate them. This may be wealth, property, prestige or position they hold in their company. These things do not create happiness.

Raise Your Thought – Raise Your Vibration – Raise Your Life!

When you increase the flow of positive energy on your inner world, by checking your thoughts and not allowing negative stuff in, you raise your vibration, your energy level! Your outer world will then mirror this back to you by way of an increased flow of money, improved relationships, greater energy, better health and more creative, joyful experience!

Mental Toughness: How To Find The Inner Strength To Achieve Your Dreams

Mental toughness is not a common skill. The majority of people THINK they will heroically rise to the occasion when the time comes, but the truth is that most people are mentally weak, and they give in long before things get “tough”. Here’s an example: Right now, there’s something in your life that you WANT.

March 2011 – Dark Night of the Soul

February was a very intense month for it to have been so short. We continued the massive cleansing that we have been experiencing since the Solstice in December. We are being forced to let go of the old, the outdated. This includes ideas, fears, beliefs and issues. As we move into March, these energies will continue to intensify. Anything that we have been refusing to let go of, refusing to look at, refusing to heal, will be thrown in our face in a way that we can no longer ignore it.

What It Means To Live By High Moral Standards

Living your life by high moral standards is actually determining to conduct your affairs and make your decisions based upon certain good and godly principles, rather than by your emotions. Principles of standards may seem like strict laws and codes of conduct, but these principles are necessary, if you desire to live right. It is a must that you and I conduct our lives in a manner which glorifies God and which ensures that we make choices which we will not regret. To be morally responsible, in this day and age, is being responsible. It is making those decisions which will ultimately determine how you will live your life. Each of us have been given a will, by the Creator, and we really need to learn how to use this ability to make proper decisions wisely. Consequences or rewards, for the most part, are the results of choices we make.

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