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Living Your Life to the Fullest – How to Do It?

Has it ever occurred to you that life can be great if we only take care of ourselves and filter the thoughts that enter our minds? There are ways on how we can improve the state of our lives and our minds – the only thing needed is a change of views and acceptance that life can, indeed, be beautiful.

7 Steps to a Better Life

We all desire a better life. But pathetically only a few ever get to live out their dreams leaving the vast majority to wish they were this successful of that accomplished in diverse areas of life. At any rate to live a better life there are some ingredients that must be put together.

Life Moves On!

Life moves on is about understanding how we handle and understand the curves and turns we have in life. We must make the best of what we have and learn and continue to move forward in life.

Should You Stay in Your Current Job Or Not?

Knowing what your motivating factors are when it comes to work will greatly determine if you will stay in a company for long or not. Reasons may be money, career advancement, company stability, and relationship with colleagues, among others. Whatever your reasons are, always think a thousand times before you jump ship. Weigh the pros and cons so you can make an informed and wise decision.

Acknowledging Dignity

What drives him to lose everything, just like that? What enables her to be respected by all and you are the one rejected? Why you were not invited for a known friend’s party? There are so many questions we ask when someone we have known for a long time acts against our wishes and expectations. Is it that we are socially lagging behind?

Feeling Good Is Your Birthright

Most people assume that their life is not going to go the way that they want it to go. They assume that something or someone will either get in the way, or prevent or make it difficult to achieve what they want to achieve. Indeed, this is often one of the causes of low self-esteem.

Moving Beyond Emotional Dependency

Are you ready to be your own person? Are you ready to move beyond neediness and into emotional freedom? Are you ready to stop needing others to make you feel that you are okay? Are you ready to learn to fill yourself with love and define your own worth?

Personal Growth Is the Key to Success

We hunger for success. More often than not, when we envision it, we immediately think wealth, respect, popularity. While these things are indeed associated with success, many of us need to be reminded that personal growth is the key to success, and not the other way around.

Letting Go to Step Into Your Greatness

One of our mentors is always reminding us that we need to “let go of something of a lower nature to get something of a higher nature.” And though this makes sense on an intellectual level, it can be challenging to remember that in the moment of needing to let go.

The Ten Most Effective Tools to Become More Conscious, More Calm and More Grounded

The most empowering thing you can do to minimize your suffering and find peace is to develop and strengthen your aware self. This article gives you ten of the most effective ways to be more self-aware, more conscious and more free.

How Well Do You Handle Adversity? AQ Test

Why is it that some people can weather personal or business hardships better than others? Why is it that some people experience a lifetime of success while others experience a lifetime of helplessness and perceive themselves as victims? The answer, according to Dr. Paul Stoltz, a leading expert on human resilience, lies in our ability to deal with adversity on a day-to-day basis.

How to Live Life to the Fullest – A Simple Technique

Life is too short. I know that’s a phrase that you’ve probably heard a lot, but it’s true. While the days may seem like they’re dragging now, I guarantee too many people will get to 60 or 70, look back on their life and feel the should have done more. Many people don’t seize the opportunities that arise to them, having fear about how it will change their current lifestyle or what the outcome will be.

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