Guided Meditation to Appreciate your own Uniqueness

Becoming The Best Possible You That You Can Be

Whenever things go bad in our lives, one of the most cliched responses in modern times has to be the encouragement that says “you still have your health.” Of course this has become almost a non-response anymore, but at the end of the day, who we are is really all we have to give. It therefore becomes important for each of us to become the best representation of humanity that we can be.

5 Top Sensory Tips To Help Overcome Stress

Stress has become a sign of the times We all need to find ways to relieve the constant bombardment of unwanted influences. Often it’s tiny day to day events in that can build up unwanted tension.

Become “One With It”

To truly influence and maximize the power within your grasp, you need to become “one with it.” Huh? Let me tell you a story. A few years ago, I took an off ramp, circling around to a huge overpass when I hit black ice. Now, most of you reading who live where there’s snow understand what black ice is. It’s ice that is basically invisible. Well, I hit this invisible ice going about 60 mph when my SUV fish-tailed almost to a 90 degree angle with the road. Going over the side of the road wasn’t an option since it was a 150 foot drop. Cars slowed down and dropped way back behind me. My arms were suddenly sore, even numb, from maneuvering the steering wheel back and forth to keep from rolling the truck.

How to Sit Like an Alpha Male

The best way to get girls to want you is to build up attraction. Women are attracted to different things than men. We like to see a girl with a nice firm butt, a small waist, big eyes, etc. Women like to see a guy that looks like he’s in charge of the room.

Reflecting On Your Decisions In Life

Everyday, we are faced with different decisions. Some are small that they do not greatly affect our lives but some are life changing decisions that one false move might be your downfall. These are decisions that take time to ponder upon and they usually end up having large consequences that resonate throughout our entire lives.

People Are Seeds – Understanding Perfection

Hold a seed in your hand. At its core there is possibility. Is it a rose, a sunflower, a daffodil, a friend, a sister, the love of your life or your child? Be kind to the seed… poke it around. It will roll between the folds of your palm. You think, it has a long way to ‘perfection’.

The One-Week NO SHOP Diet

What would happen if Americans stopped shopping for one week? I mean, not starve to death, still buy the necessary food, but stop going insane and accumulate the latest gadgets like squirrels or get all jittery at the sight of a taco shell holder (Made in China) on sale.

Why You Need to Be Selfish

Selfishness is not a bad thing if applied correctly. Selfishness is essential for us to be able to help others.

Discover Your Purpose in Life – Chuck Goetschels’ Personal Passion Formula Reviewed

The Personal Passion Formula by Chuck Goetschel teaches you the secrets of becoming wealthy doing what you love! This is getting a lot of attention because it doesn’t try to fit you into somebody else’s money making system, but it teaches you how to create your own! I can become wealthy doing what I enjoy?

Smart Ways to Appear Confident – Part 1

Do you lack confidence? Do you wish there was an easy way to improve your confidence? There are some easy to implement, smart ways to appear confident – whilst actually building your long term confidence at the same time. So follow these easy tips to instantly appear more confident.

Old Boyfriends, First Grade Teachers, and Old Friends: Why We Bring Certain People Into Our Dreams

One of the more confusing and fascinating images that our dreaming brain creates is dream characters. How often have you woken up from a dream and asked yourself “Now, why on earth did I just dream about my old boyfriend from high school?” or “why would I dream about my first grade teacher?” Dream characters can be people we know, people who have died, public people, combinations of people, shadow figures, or even archetypal characters. The important point is that your unconscious chose to bring them into your dream for a reason.Figuring out why your unconscious brought them into your dream in the first place is important when analyzing your own dreams.

Retirement: Use Mental Imagery For Positive Thinking

Believe in the power of your mind to initiate the changes you desire. There is a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment as you sense that new and expanding power in your entire lifestyle. Can this really happen? It has happened to many. It can happen to you. Believe in yourself. Make it work. For those who may find it difficult to overcome negative attitudes I suggest that you try a series of mental imagery exercises that I have found to be every effective in converting negative to positive mindsets.

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