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How To Stop Being Lost In Transition And Move Into New Beginnings – 9 Key Points

In the sacred books of each of the Abrahamic faith traditions there are references to the presence of what we would now refer to as Israeli tribes located in the land of Goshen, a region within ancient Eqypt. The Judaic Torah and Christian Old Testament record the legend of the exodus of these tribes c 1200 BCE from the bondage of slavery in Egypt, under the leadership of Moses, towards what they believed to be their promised land known as Canaan or Palestine. So why do the narratives of this exodus tell us that it took the Israeli tribes forty years years of meandering around the wilderness regions of the Sinai peninsular to accomplish their objective? In this article we look at the lessons from this mythic story about why they got stuck for so long, what diversions and distractions to avoid, and 9 key steps to help you move into new beginnings.

Lost In Transition – How To Cope With Hard Times

At the time of writing, with the world slowly emerging from Covid-19 lockdown, with our economies strangled, business failures and unemployment rising and our national governments flailing around like drowning men clutching at straws I think it is fair to say that many of us are currently experiencing hard times as a direct result of imposed change! The purpose of this article is to set out a framework for understanding what is happening to you and to go beyond the circumstantial changes and to address the inner psychological and emotional impacts and how you can deal with those as well. The first and key point to make is that there is a distinction between the events, situations and circumstances that are imposed on you and your inner response to these things.

Social Contagion – You Become The Company You Keep

During the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown we have all gone to great lengths to avoid this highly contagious virus and have experienced varying levels of state enforced social distancing. With the phased lifting of the lockdown, and the resumption of social contact we are now increasingly exposed to another threat, another form of contagion. This renewed threat is known as emotional contagion, which is the effect and impact of other people’s emotions on our own dominant emotional state. This matters, as many of our life experiences are created or attracted by our dominant emotional state. Because the means of transmission is via renewed and increasing social contact I reframe this as social contagion.

What Is Self Awareness and Tips on How to Develop It

Self-awareness is how you consciously know and understand your own character, feelings, motives, and desires.What does self-awareness mean? In practical terms self-awareness means: [1] Looking for patterns in our thinking as we seek to understand and interpret specifically what happens to us, and more generally what happens in the world as far as we are aware if it.[2] Looking at how we ascribe meaning and value to those things.[3] Gaining insight into our emotions, moods, reactions and responses.[4] Paying attention to our default responses, and our ingrained habitual tendencies.

Go With The Flow And Do Without Doing

The Taoist practise of wu wei is about “doing without doing” or living your life in alignment with the flow of life – quite literally “going with the flow”. This becomes possible when we accept that: “Everything in life has its own flow, its own pace and speed. If we can tune into and align ourselves with it, we can achieve without undue exertion and enjoy effortless ease in all that we do. We find that we instinctively know what to do and when to do it.

The Stockdale Paradox – Coping With Hard Times

What Is The Stockdale Paradox? The Stockdale Paradox is named after the late James Stockdale, former vice presidential candidate, naval commander and prisoner of war during the American-Vietnam war. It became well known having been featured in author and business guru Jim Collins’ book “Good To Great” following extensive interviews between Collins and Stockdale exploring how Stockdale survived 8 years of imprisonment and torture.

Alive Time Vs. Dead Time

“Dead time” is defined as time spent passively waiting around killing time until better times arrive. Whereas, “Alive-time” is time spent consciously and constructively learning, growing, developing and growing. Here’s a question for you: “When you can’t work because you have no work, when you feel stuck and can see no way out of this situation, when you don’t even know if there is an end of the tunnel, what do you do with your time?”

Components Of Your Self – IMAGE

You are what you think. How many times have you heard this advice, pondered what it means, and taken the time, and made the effort, to fully consider, how you might enhance your self – IMAGE, in order to enjoy a happier, more, personally fulfilling existence? However, before you can do so, effectively, it is important to understand some of the key components, which create this entity, and discover, the best possible approach, you can use, to feel better about yourself, and your life!

What Is My Life Purpose? What IsThe Meaning Of My Life?

Asking yourself: “What is my life purpose?” is one of the most important questions you will ever ask. It cuts straight to the heart of who you are and why you are here. Life purpose coach Richard Leider has defined an equation for establishing your life purpose as: Gifts + Passions + Values = Purpose. Your answers to the ‘what is my life purpose’ question will change and develop as you mature in age and experience.

Synchronicity and Consciousness? What’s Your Perception

We are all connected as humans, to the earth and the universe therefore we will often communicate and given guidance. This is all central to one, some might identify it as God, Source, Divine or nothing at all depending on your personal belief.

Reflections on the Process of Supervision

A psychodynamic clinical supervision goes beyond teaching theory and increasing technical skills. A student “growing” in supervision will become less preoccupied with evaluation, less defensive and more able to see what they do not know and need to learn. Psychodynamic supervision generates excitement and passion for the work and introduces the supervisee to their own unconscious creativity and that of their client.

So You Think You Know How to Think?

Ever taken a course on how to manage your mind? Ever read a book on how to think? Probably not! Most of us believe we’ve learned how to think by going to school and learning what is taught to us. But most schooling teaches you only one way of thinking and that is, figuring out the right answer.

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