Guided Meditation for Spiritual Growth

Are You An Empath?

Empathic people are emotionally sensitive. In these changing times, people who have always been sensitive may find they are even more sensitive now.

To Inspire Compassion

The second phrase of my passion statement describes my intention to inspire compassion. In my first article, I wrote that inspire is: to exert an animating, enlivening influence on and also the idea of breathing into. What is this compassion that I believe is so vital to human meaning, purpose, and existence?

Self Knowledge – Worthlessness

It astonishes me again and again how many people feel worthless in one or more areas of life, think that they are not good enough or believe someone else’s opinion about them more than their own. What happened to a society that influences itself to believe things like ‘I’m only as good as what I do’? There is a way out of the self-created trap.

How To Deal With Problems: Find A Solution, Deal With It And Surrender

It really is not that difficult to deal with problems if you know what you need to do. The main problem is how we relate to those problems and that we attempt to solve those that cannot be solved and then we get stuck. This article will shed a bit more light on how to tackle problems.

Stress Management and 7 Tips to Avoid Anxiety

We are living in a fast track world. Everything seems going faster than we think it does. We are living in a constant state of pressure in which we lay down our guard and our state of being. Stress becomes the motor of our mode of living and behaving. Stress is a natural physiological phenomenon of survival. It is a normal physiological phenomenon of behavior. Stress is useful to put us on a state of alertness and awareness. But poorly managed, it depletes our bodies and makes us irritable.

What Is Our True Potential?

Human potential has been a hot topic since the dawn of time itself. But in order to fully understand the answer to human potential, one has to understand our very nature. Put simply every human being on the planet has a dual nature; one mortal, one immortal. In order to attain our true potential it is needful to let one of those natures gain control over the other.

6 Ways to Get Rid of a Bad Habit

Bad habits are something that we all have to come to terms with because we’re all going to have them at some point. It could be smoking, it could be nail biting, or it could even be overeating. There are just too many possibilities out there to name them all, but what you may find hard to believe is that you can get rid these afflictions quite easily.

Understanding The Real You?

As a child, you tend to look up to your parents and siblings as role models. This is because they are often among the first role models you have. Unwittingly, we tend to repeat, copy and mimic what we see and hear from our parents, siblings, teachers etc because we simply don’t know any better.

Five Minute Psychic – Personal Psychic Development – Step 1 – Stillness and Detachment

Stillness and Detachment are the cornerstones of being a good psychic. The simple skills will make you an excellent psychic. I would like to teach you the skills necessary for you to become such a psychic.

Dream It, Live It – Three Keys to Advance Your Journey

One of the greatest ways to experience self growth and increase confidence is to allow oneself time to dream. Taking the time to dream, meditate and strategize on what you desire personally or professionally should be something practiced daily.

Why You Should Have Curiosity

Curiosity is the purest form of human motivation. It keeps the mind open, provides a sense of wonder, and gives you a sense of purpose.

Personal Growth and Expansion – Walking Through the Uncomfortable Valley

What limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck today? Are you still beating the drum of either or? Or are you walking the zone of the uncomfortable valley where you are breaking old patterns and consciously creating new future results?

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