Guided Meditation for Relaxation

Inner Peace Verses Peace of Mind – Is There a Difference?

Although having inner peace has the same flavor as having piece of mind they are quite different. Having piece of mind is being free of thoughts that direct your emotions one way or another creating a push and pull that invokes creative instability in our perception of reality. Inner peace then is the place we rest when we embrace the idea that everything is always as it should be and the only thing that need be dealt with is that which is in this moment currently, to which you are the perfect emotional balance.

How to Apply the Law of Attraction for Highly Sensitive People

The Law of Attraction says that which is like unto itself, is drawn. In other words, the thoughts you have, if you think it long enough, other vibrational thoughts alike will be attracted to it. Those who speak of being broke are always broke and those who speak of prosperity have more prosperity. Even feeling and speaking of the “lack” of something that you want will attract more lack of it.

Enlargement of Capacity for Year 2011

If we want to see changes in our life, we got to change the way we live. Find why is it important to expand yourself and not limiting ourselves.

New Year 2011

What is your plan for the new year 2011? I have some good advice for helping you surpass your dreams in 2011! Whatever it is you want in life, it takes a decision.

And So a New Year

Some of us see a “new” year as an opportunity; some of us view it as simply another January-beginning; and many of us see it as one more nail in the coffin of a life “going, going, gone.” Age makes its soft-footed creep into all of our lives, often bringing a sense of quiet dread or of full-blown terror.

Bullies, Bullets, and Blame

Do each of us share a responsibility for the Tucson tragedy? Yes, I think so. We are not responsible for pulling the trigger, but we are responsible for feeding the insanity of murderous rage. Every time we lose our temper, we fuel the insanity of murderous rage. Every time we refuse to take responsibility for our own pent-up stresses and frustrations and blame the other for our emotions and actions, we fuel the insanity of murderous rage. Every time we make-or listen to-hate-filled speeches, we fuel the insanity of rage. Every time we watch a television show or movie that honors violence, we fuel the insanity of murderous rage. Every time we engage in a thought, deed, or action of anger, we fuel the insanity of murderous rage.

Time to Try Something New

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never got round to doing? Perhaps it’s playing the piano, going skydiving, traveling to a certain country, learning to dance.

How To Become A Successful Person In Life

Do you want to learn how you can become a successful person? If you do, this article will be meant for you. What you are going to discover here are some of the most important keys to success that you must adopt in order to make you an extraordinary person. Thus, follow through and finish this article to the end now…

Learn From a Perspective Change

Sometimes it is hard to change your perspective. Then a minor perspective change can help you see the world very differently. A little view change can make a difference in your future, dreams and goals. Answers that seemed hidden may suddenly become clear. Other things may suddenly become less clear or need changing.

How to Make Acceptance Work For You

Do you accept people for who they are, rather than what they do? Peace comes through accepting what you cannot change. People are who they are and will do what they do without your help; so why bother?

Simple Living – Changing Your Life

Making the change towards simple living can be a gradual thing. There is no rush. The whole idea is to turn down some of life’s unnecessary volume and speed in order to appreciate things more. Here are some things you might consider doing in the process. Actively opt to learn some new skills so that you can cut down on the services that you have to pay for. For me I have always wanted to learn to be a mechanic. If it were not for my personal situation I would be able to at the very least hand my car in and not have a mechanic speak to me in gobbledygook as he ratchets up the price of servicing and maintenance on my car in the full knowledge that in my complete ignorance I cannot challenge him.

Simple Productivity Tips

Set aside the most important things to do and focus your energies solely on those, maybe even only do one simple thing to get started. Keep things simple, lean and mean….

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