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Stuck in the Space Between

As I sat on my balcony with a big cup of coffee in one of my oldest and most favorite mugs, on one of Nashville’s most perfect mornings, I looked out over the downtown and the amphitheater. The mug was from my single mom days, and it is an actual miracle that it has survived this long. I remember when I first bought it, and the second I saw it in the department store it made me smile.

You Care More Than I Do – The Discovery of Self-Promotion

Like a lightning bolt, it hit me, if I had put as much care into myself as I had others what could I have accomplished, how many disappointments could I have avoided, how many conflicts would have never arisen? Why have I avoided caring more for myself than I did others? How could I possibly do any good in this world if I did not put myself first?

How to Enact a Quantum Transformation in Order to Live a Life of Passion & Purpose

Over 100 years ago, Max Planck discovered through his work as a physicist that at the sub-atomic level, everything in the universe is pure energy. He called the measuring of these tiny energy-packets “Quantizing” and the field of Quantum Mechanics was born. In the ensuing years, many other physicists discovered amazing properties of the Quantum level, including the realization that this quantum energy can be affected by our thoughts/attention/intention.

Understanding Attachment Style in Therapy

Relationships are the way that a person connects with or attaches to others. This connection can be linked to numerous aspects of the person’s life experience. The attachment style each individual learns, usually from childhood, affects their ongoing relationships as an adult. These attachments can result in healthy or detrimental attachment styles and relationships. Once the style is determined it is possible to guide the person through their difficulties enabling them to understand the origin of their issues and emotions. Once understood the person can progress forward to initiate different and more beneficial relationships.

Be Disciplined and Be Rich

I believe that discipline is the most lacked skill in over 80% of entrepreneurs. What holds people back from their potential is not knowledge or competition or the marketplace conditions, rather, our inability to say ‘NO’ to the things that distract us from the most profitable tasks, and the reverse… our unwillingness to say ‘YES’ to the activities that provide the results we’re seeking.

Confessions of a Serial Procrastinator

I have so much work to do, but I need to unwind first. How about a movie? I have an exam tomorrow, but let me check my Facebook feed first.

Naive Realism: Cornering the Market on Truth

The majority of the work in any successful conflict conversation is work you do on yourself. No matter how well (or poorly) the conversation goes, you need to stay in charge of yourself, your purpose and your emotional energy. Breathe, center, and notice when you lose center–and choose to return again. This is Aikido. To that end, this post offers some insight into a concept called naive realism. Naive realism makes conflict conversations difficult, because we think we’ve cornered the market on truth…

The Original Sin Part 2 (Journey Out of Eden)

Last time we considered the first part of the original sin, which was The loss Of innocence. Eden happens to be the place of purpose, work, and divine assignment. In life, we all have a purpose, a special assignment we came to deliver on earth. One thing is to discover your assignment, the next is to stay in the assignment. Every assignment, has its requirements, every work has its rules and regulations. Breaking these rules would lead you journeying out of your Eden.

The Original Sin Part 1 (Loss of Innocence)

One of the greatest things to observe is the innocence of a child. Children are simply pure, having a rare form of peace and joy. However, as they grow, there comes dents, which start as little misgivings but grow perpetually until that cute innocence is lost and something else sets in.

Using Past Life Regression to Find Your Life’s Purpose

How past life regression can help you discover your purpose in life. Your past lives hold clues as to why you are here and why you chose the circumstances of your current life. You can find out what you were born to express by discovering your past lives through past life regression.

The Number 1 Secret To Getting Positive Growth Results And It’s A Lot Easier Than You Think

If you are like a lot of people you might have noticed that the hard work you have been putting in to change bad habits and limited behaviours has not been paying off! In this article learn the one thing you need to do in order to change your life for the better… fast, safe and easily! The answer is so easy that you have probably heard it before but thought it was just too simple!

The Reflex Organ, How It Controls You and How To Overcome It

with time, organs atrophy and our patterns become more fixed and harder to change. That leads to a very limited life. This article will focus on the Reflex Organ. By working on any of our automatic reflexes, we can soften up and remove many fixed habits and patterns which limit our life, and so, we can say that this is possibly the most important organ or at least the one deserving of primary attention, to work on in the process of changing your life.

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