Guided Meditation for Letting Go

Flow Your Strength

Have you ever felt, have to do more because you are able to? Has your strength ever worked against you? Do you have an opinion on the resistance you experience. Would you like to know how to take the resistance and work it to your advantage? If so, then welcome…

Marking Time

If we had only known. If we had been able to see ahead and realize the importance of those moments of turning; those poignant places in time that indelibly marked our lives.

A Few Simple Tips for Self Improvement

Many people find it challenging to get started with their personal development and personal growth. This article provides a few simple tips for self improvement.

The 7 Levels Of Personal Growth And Consciousness

Discover the seven levels of personal growth and consciousness, what it means to be in each level and what it will take to get to the next level. Gain an understanding of which level you may be operating at and get insights into why you do what you do.

Facing the Truth

Discovering why things are changing in our lives is difficult. Asking ourselves why we continue doing the things that keep the pain going is even more challenging. This article discusses how asking the right questions leads to answers that are easier than one thinks.

Imagine If You Could Create the Life You Wanted – The Power of Intention, Seriously

This may sound almost impossible and believe me, when I first heard about the concept of the Power of Intention I thought oh God, not another apparently simple thing to fix the broken bits of your life that requires you to turn into some kind of meditating guru, but I can actually tell you that it works. No, it’s not an overnight thing, it’s a bit like the Pantene commercial, it wont happen overnight but it will happen.

Energy Centers: Meditation on the Root Center

For our final entry on the Root Center, I’m offering you a meditation that will help you begin to connect more deeply with this center. By now you are aware of just how important this center is to your physical and mental well being. By using this visualization/meditation, or one similar, you will begin to clear and open this center for optimum function.

In A Smart Way, Do For Yourself Before You Do For Others

In the title, I am not saying be inordinately selfish. But, you must do for yourself first before you can do effectively for others.

Should I Let a Dream End?

While there is much advice about never letting your dreams end, sometimes you should. It is not easy to dreams go, yet sometimes you must. Sometimes holding on to the aspiration can cause more problems than letting go.

Energy Centers: The Root of the Matter, Part 2

Since space is limited, and there is so much information about the Energy Centers also known as Chakras, I will give a very brief overview of the Centers and their correspondences. Today, still focused on the Root Center, we will explore a bit about how it works.

Management by Abdication

The difference between taking charge of our lives, and letting someone else do it. What areas of our lives should we get some help with, and what do we need to be personally involved with?

When Do You Tell?

It can be a pretty confounding decision – what do I keep as a secret and what do I share? Furthermore, with whom do I share?

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