Guided Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm

Taking Control of What Matters In Life

Do you ever feel that life has control of you instead of your being in control of your life? Do you just sort of float along and accept whatever life dishes out to you? If this describes you, then you may find great enjoyment and satisfaction in you taking control of what matters in your life one again.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming A Sensual Man – 8 Things Any Man Can Do

What does it mean to be a sensual man? There are a number of things sensual men do, routinely and naturally, that make them more sensual than the rest of their brotherhood. Some do a few of them and others do all of them but none of these men consider any of these things to be an affront to their masculinity.

If You Feel Self-Doubt Does That Mean You Lack Self-Confidence?

Sometimes self-doubt can keep people from ever trying something new or achieving their goals. If you’ve ever experienced self-doubt before taking on a new task, learn how to calm your nerves and how to gain confidence before trying something new! In this article you will learn about the power of neural pathways and how to train your brain for success. There are even some tips to share with the kids in your life! Ready to calm your nerves?

How To Become What You Believe

Ever heard that before? What you are today is a direct result of the thoughts you allow in your head. If you’ve got too many negative people around you, get new friends. Don’t let them “rent space in your head” as it will only distract you.

The Inner You

It’s hard to discover your true identity in a world full of imposed stereotypes. When I was a kid, I didn’t have a clue of what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Workplace: How to Be Yourself in a Workplace of Giant Egos

Our true self consists simply in being, not in picturing or imaging ourselves. There is no identity to create because we are the greatest identity there is, each of us aspects of the ultimate “I am” of being. The truth is that developing a bigger ego is far from being who we are. When we are simply being, we don’t think of ourselves or picture ourselves at all. There is no concept of ourselves. We are so immersed in life, we are in the zone of flow in which there is no room for an awareness of ourselves in any kind of pictured or imaged sense.

Letting Go Of The Idea Of You To Become Your True Self

Understanding your true nature is a fundamental part of your happiness. We tend to overlook this; instead, we act as who we think we are. We look for our behaviors to correlate with who we think we are rather than what we really are. We act a certain way so that the idea of ourselves is under control and continues to make sense to us. We behave under the assumption that how we have presented ourselves is who we are, but underneath it all is our true self. If this does not correlate with how we see ourselves, then our happiness is further away then we might like to think.

Relationships Bring Out the Best and Worst In Us

We cannot stay on one part of the polarity for very long without feeling uncomfortable or unfulfilled, even if it is a pleasant situation. Even paradise can become boring if we remain there for too long. The cycles of change are unstoppable, which is good, because otherwise there would not be any growth or progression in life. This is especially true with regard to learning through human relationships. Every relationship of ours is a great blessing for everyone involved because it allows us to experience these dualistic aspects of life in a concrete and tangible way. Like the arms of a cross merging into a central singular point, all opposing values find their common basis in the heart consciousness of the person who experiences them, regardless of whether he is aware of this or not.

Living Your Real Life

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how much trouble we get into with our own hearts as we get all wrapped up with ideas about how our life should be rather than how it really is and who we should be rather than being who we really are. Hanging on tight to all this fear seems to create a kind of holo-self rather than REAL self. Much like the velveteen rabbit, perhaps by the time I’ve become fully REAL, my body will be well-worn, with a really lived in look – a look that conveys how deeply I want to really live as the fullest expression of who I am. I don’t know if we can really do that without getting a little bumped and bruised in the process.

How To Stop Looking For Job Security And Take The Risks You Fear

How many people do you know who are doing a job that they hate, but are scared stiff they’re going to lose it? It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But I estimate that an increasing amount of people are in this position right now.

How to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the most common things encountered by a lot of people all over the world. Even if it’s natural or common to some people, it is still not good to procrastinate and waste time. There are some reasons why people are doing it and definitely, there are some effects. That’s why. This article will provide you five effective ways on how to overcome procrastination.

Impact of Technology on Health – How to Do a Digital Detox in 7 Easy Steps (You Can Do It!)

Have you ever heard of a “digital detox”? Also known as “technology detox,” “digital cleanse,” or even “e-tox,” the idea is to simply clear your mind from over stimulation and information overload, and restore balance to your life. You know, that “healthy feeling.” For 7 steps to make your digital detox easier, read on…

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