Guided Meditation for Focusing on the Positive

Does Your Story Make You Who You Are?

We all have a story, our story, but does that story give us our identity, is that who we are? Well this is evidence that we can be whoever and whatever we want to be, we can simply write a new story!

How to Quieten The Mind – For Meditation

Many people struggle with meditation or think they just can’t do it because they can’t shut down their thoughts, or as the Yogi’s say ’empty the mind’. So how do we do it?

Let’s Have A Laugh!

Did you know – laughter reduces food cravings and boosts our immune system? Apparently kids laugh up to 400 times per day, and us sad adults only a poor 17-20 times a day! That is one to think about, I don’t think I have managed anywhere close to 17 today! OK I am off to watch something funny!

Stop Being a Crab in a Bucket

We’re all just crabs in a great big bucket bucket. Recently I was watching a TV show about illegal fishing of shark fins to be used in shark fin soup. It has no nutritional value, tastes like the bottom of a dumpster and why people do this is beyond me, but during this show I came upon a fabulous fact about Mother Nature that when you think about it applies to me and you…

Power Of Serving

We should not despise serving, it is important especially in leadership. Serving people is the art of leadership. Leaders are those who have a following because they serve the needs of the followers. Rulers are those who have been given an opportunity to watch over people, they do not exactly stand in for the needs of people as they tend to impose their ideology on the people they rule.

Taking Time To Absorb The Beauty All Around Us – It’s Called Life!

It is sad how often we are so busy that we miss all the wonders around us? Imagine for a moment taking a birds eye view at a normal day, we are all rushing around like mad things, shoulder to shoulder impatient and stressed, well actually I am not!

When Are You Old Enough to Have People Stop Telling You How to Live Your Life?

First off, let me be clear I am not talking about living outside society’s rules and expectations. If you shoplift, run a grow-op, drink and drive, smoke in the presence of others or abuse your family, there will always be people telling you how to live; there is no age limit…

Potential Buried or Living

When we come into this world we come with our life already written in our genes, we come with the ability embedded deep in our veins. We always have access to the one who gave us this life and He can always help us get on track.

Why It Takes Time To Form New Habits

Anything new takes time. It takes time to construct a home, to make a new product, or to reach a new destination. Similarly, if you’re focusing on forming new habits such as quitting smoking, regular exercising, eating healthy, losing weight, etc. takes time, efforts as well as steady determination.

Learning at Midlife for the Enjoyment of It

For the second time in three years I have gone “back to school”. While I’m not enrolled in a degree granting program, I’m being trained in becoming knowledgeable of the skills in developing an effective job and career search strategy.

What Your Fashion Choices Say About Your Appearance

Your appearance and the way you live, work, socialize, and dress for each occasion is important. Just as important is your health and well-being and the value you place on nutritional eating habits. What does your appearance say about you?

You Don’t Have To Be Right or Perfect All the Time

We all wrestle with pride and vanity…from the Christian to the business person, we each feel the need to “prove our point” and feelings be damned. Because of this, we are afraid to be vulnerable, not only to others, but in our businesses.

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