Guided Meditation for Finding Peace

Steps to Self-Motivation

Motivation has to be initiated by many desires and purposes before it will ever commence to have a long lasting benefit. ‘Those who meditate on wisdom will attain all that is good; each one is rewarded according to the works of his hands.’ Proverbs 12:14. Discipline: how committed were you to implementing habits that ensure projects were completed on time and in correct proportion to your expectations? Whatever about attributes and designs, it all falls down to the life you envision and the commitment level enhanced with energy to see it to realization that really matters. If you cannot stimulate yourself to take an initiative then no amount of motivational incentives will produce results.

They Shoot Arrows But Find No Target

Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘No one has control over us that we do not give permission to.’ All too often we consciously or unconsciously turn over our power to others, giving them ‘permission’ to attack us. One Zen koan says, They shoot arrows but find no target. The more we invest in our own center and thus our empowerment, we offer no target nor do we give permission to others to hurt us.

Who’s Stealing Your Dreams?

Have you ever felt that you wanted to do something only to be told by somebody else that it wasn’t possible or that you wouldn’t be able to do it or you’d be wasting your time? Most of us have at one time or another.

Self Help Courses: Are They Worth Your Time

Even though it’s impossible to place a number on it, it is reasonable to suggest that a large proportion of individuals all over the world are dissatisfied with the way that their own lives have ended up. Most do nothing at all about this and often will carry on being miserable and unsuccessful to the day they die. Other people may consider working on themselves through self help courses to enhance the standard of their lives.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Are you interested in understanding more about cognitive Behavioural therapy?Β Read this article for an expert explanation.

The Next Step

It’s not always easy to take action. We live in a busy world where we have other things to do and we quickly get into a routine where our agenda is to do what has to be done on that day and make it to the end of the day with no major issues.

Becoming Your Best Self – How to Cope With Change

Many wise people have said that “change is the only constant.” To be sure, it is the one of only three things that we can count on in this life (death and taxes being the other two). However, what is really important in my opinion is how we deal with change, which says volumes about us. Like many things in life, dealing with change is something of an art form. The sooner we throw ourselves 100% into the change, the more adept we get at life itself. Here are some suggestions to help you cope with the change in your life.

Meditation Programme – My 8 Year’s Meditation Experience With Binaural Beat Technology

Having used a binaural beat meditation product for over 8 years now I can safely say that whilst in most respects I remain the same flawed human being I was before, at least I now know that I am! I find that traditional meditation is now much easier to do than before, and more enjoyable – as are a range of other mindfulness practises. I can largely stop thinking – well to be accurate about 80-90% of conscious thoughts stop when I want them to, and the rest is like a sort of “white noise” in the background.

Becoming Your Best Self – When to Take It Personally

Although we are constantly being told to “not take it personally”, sometimes we should! Read this article to find out when to take it personally and when to not!

Do What Needs And Wants To Be Done No Sooner Than Now

Now of course, I can say the normal stuff about relax and avoid all stress, but what good would that do when you definitely have things to deal with and deal with deeply. No, All I am saying is avoid the bad stress when possible and embrace the good totally. But do what needs and wants to be done, in that order, no sooner than now!

What Fears Keep You From Living Your Purpose?

Knowing the impact that you are called to make in the world, even in great detail, is not enough for success. Another mission-critical piece is facing the fears, doubts, and mistaken beliefs that keep you from moving forward. Many of us carry subconscious ideals of what devoting oneself to a purpose-directed life would look like, such as living in poverty like Mother Teresa or separated from everyone you love serving in the Peace Corps.

Managing Personal Change – How To Not Mistake The Map For The Territory

A key factor in managing personal change is the extent to which the individual has the capacity to recognise that they are not their thoughts – to not mistake the map for the territory – and to have an expanded sense of personal identity that is beyond their own and others perspectives, and that is grounded in values, a higher purpose and in simple terms an expanded consciousness of who they really are or are not! “Well the truth may come in strange disguises…”

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