Guided Meditation for Energy Healing

Get Up Off Your Couch or Chair Right Now!

Are you too sedentary? Do you find that you don’t move enough? Do you feel like a couch potato when you get home?

Becoming Your Best Self – 2 Pronged Approach to Self Development

Do you know the steps to take to create lasting change in your life? Read this article to find out what those steps are.

True Commitment Requires Vulnerability

The truth is that vulnerability holds an excitement of new things, wonderful things, and new adventure. Vulnerability is a sign of hope; proven when I open myself completely to a new experience. I can fully commit with enthusiasm when I make myself vulnerable and step into the adventure with an open heart, mind and soul.

Self Improvement – What Maximus Taught Me About Living

There are experiences that come into our lives and change it forever. These rich experiences can open our eyes and we are able to see our blind spots and turn them into powerful opportunities to offer others. After reading this, you will agree, we don’t always know where, what or when we are going to be taught valuable lessons in life. This is one of those experiences I learned from a four legged critter how to live to the Maximus…

I PEE’D for 4 Hours Yesterday, And It Changed My Life

Have you ever had a PEE (Peak Emotional Experience)? I have had two in the last two days and yesterday’s lasted four hours.

Benefits of Joining the Boy Scouts

At 2nd Wharton Scout Group, we strive to ensure that Scouting is about fun, friends and exciting activities. Our group is open to boys and girls from 6 1/2 to 14 years of age. 2nd Wharton Scout Group will be 75 years old next year, so get involved and be part of our history!

Acceptance of What Is

Everyone is doing their best…based upon their current level of consciousness…accept and love them as they are without judgment. When we judge someone it has nothing to do with the person being judged and everything to do with the person doing the judging.

Are Your Goals Flexible? When to Make Adjustments to Goals

You finally get a goal in your spotlights. You are determined that you will reach that goal and nothing will come between you and that goal. Are you ready for when things change?

The Numerous Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are numerous with the ultimate goal for many being enlightenment. I would guess most people reading this do not have the goal of enlightenment in mind. However the benefits of meditation include physical, psychological and spiritual. Meditation can improve overall general health, concentration and mental well being. This author has been meditating for 14 years now and can not imagine how people get through their daily life without all the benefits of meditation.

Astral Projection, Astral Travel

Astral travel, out of body experience – OBE or astral projection is when a person’s spirit leaves their physical body. When this happens the person is able to view the world around them from a completely different point of view. Science currently believes that astral projection is impossible based on what they currently know about the laws of physics.

Simply Simplifying

What does simply simplifying mean to you? How can you focus on what you actually want and need to be happy and secure?

How a Blaring Car Alarm at 4:00 AM Became a Metaphor

Sometimes the strangest things will effect change. Trauma, intense emotions – uplifting or not, shock come to mind. Even the mundane can cause reflection or a shift of life direction. Car alarms are not typically used as behavior modification tools – but they can have unexpected side effects early, early in the morning.

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