Guided Meditation for Connecting to all that is

Meditate Your Intentions Into Reality

While this article was written for empowering your New Year’s resolutions, you can use the 2 a.m. meditation technique any time of year. See how this simple technique adds some real muscle to your manifestation.

Don’t Let a Guy Hug You

What exactly is love at first sight? Magic? Ah, wouldn’t it be romantic to believe so, but no. Most likely, it is a surge of oxytocin – a hormone that is released in the brain.

How to Become Smarter: The EASIEST Way to Naturally Increase Your Intelligence

Who else wants to be more intelligent? If you have ever wanted to be smarter, sharper and more intellectually astute, this article was written with YOU in mind. The truth is, while our IQ may be “hardwired” into our biology and DNA, everyone reading this right now CAN become a lot more functionally intelligent with amazing ease. As a matter of fact, you CAN perform at genius levels in many areas of your life…..and it’s often as easy as flipping a switch!

Healing After Betrayal – Is It Possible?

Betrayal is a breaking of trust and goodwill in a relationship that can take a long time to heal from and can leave us changed forever. Read about 4 key steps in healing after betrayal to learn about recovery after deep hurt from a relationship, friend, parent, sibling or work colleague.

Lessons in Manhood – 10 Things Men Should Teach Their Sons

Reaching manhood and being a father means more than providing all of the physical needs in life, there’s also the responsibility to teach sons important life lessons that will help them become better men and even reinforce the lessons in your life as well. In order to prepare your son for manhood and give him the knowledge that will help him through many common situations in life, consider the top 10 things that all men should teach their sons.

A Clever Costume for Halloween

Today is Halloween, do you have a costume? Have you even decided what you are going to be yet? I have a clever suggestion that I think you would like. What if you were to dress up as your authentic self?

Letting Go of Knowing

My question was this: what are you surrendering to right now? I’m surrendering to not knowing what will happen if I give pregnancy and motherhood another shot, post miscarriage. Which led me to ponder this familiar question: Do I really know anything?

Our Lives Are Interwoven – Like A Wicker Basket

Have you ever considered how your life weaves and intertwines with the lives of others? Like the weave in a wicker basket, your character, your personality, the very person you are influences those around you and they, in turn, influence you. Whether it be the basket of your family or the basket of society, you make a difference.

Rhythm of Life – A Journey of Self Discovery

Rhythm of Life refers to the unique natural rhythms that are part of all our lives. The more aware you are and cooperate with your rhythm of life the better you will manage your energy levels for peak performance at work and to enable you to have energy for your family and those you love.

Increase Your Income By Using These 9 Effective Communicative Skills

What are your strengths? Know your strengths and reflect your highest and best skills within your professional environment and amongst professionals. Yes, we all have weaknesses that we must improve upon but always up play your strengths.

Just Another Conversation

Do you shy away from conflict and confrontation? Would you go out of your way to avoid these things all together? Does it sometimes seem like your emotions move out of your control when you are faced with conflict or confrontation?

Personal Growth Tips – A Better You in Just 4 Steps

Life presents many challenges for you; some are good while others are not. Either way, you learn from it.

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