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How to Become “Delicious Women” and Fill Our Lives With Purpose and Meaning

As women are finally beginning to be accepted within traditionally “male dominated” career fields, and it becomes alright for a woman to put herself and her interests first every once in a while, it has never been easier to become one of the women with purpose. Some call these “delicious” women, as they have learned to be happy with who and what they are, take risks, and embrace change. The path to becoming a woman with a purposeful and meaningful life is by becoming a ‘delicious’ woman, first and foremost.

How to Calm Yourself Down After a Stressful Situation

It’s all about ‘transforming stress’. Have you found yourself in situations where you suddenly realized that you are stressed and you don’t know how to soothe the stress? What do you do? How do you change your body from pumping adrenaline and emotional reactions to being relaxed and easy. Or maybe you are always a little stressed, read on!

How Distractions In Women’s Lives Can Keep Them From Finding Their Purpose

Women, especially those of us who are also mothers, often have a hard time focusing on ourselves and our own personal goals and desires with all the distractions of daily life. If we wish to be happy with our stations in life and how we are leading them, we must be willing to focus our efforts on ourselves now and again.

Ways to Be a Woman of Purpose

As women, we want to feel as though our life has purpose and meaning, but so many characteristics, that are a result of social constraints and customs to which many are raised, keep us from even trying to reach that potential. But this should not be the case any longer!

Be a Good Person

Even if everyone desserts and abandon you, be A GOOD PERSON and understand the situation. The benefits of being someone that cares for others not only with benefit the other person, but yourself as well in numerous ways.

Responsibility or Blame?

Responsibility is empowering, blame is disempowering. There is no upside to blame.

The Upside of Fear

If you want to be happier and more enlightened, consider scaring the crap out of yourself once and a while. Research shows that we are happiest when we experience ourselves growing and expanding.

Self Development

Self Development is the process of building one’s own ability to grow by following set of activities, assessments and certain protocols. The power of a human being to develop the environment and world cannot be denied. Establishing this power is deeply related to developing an individual’s inner being.

Elbert Hubbard – Fear of Making Mistakes Can Stop You From Succeeding

Have you ever allowed the fear of making mistakes keep you from doing what you want to do or becoming the person you want to be? Age old wisdom is relevant even today.

Who Needs New Year’s Resolutions? Just Constantly Resolve

Resolve to be a little better each day, resolve to be the best you can be each day. If you need a New Year’s resolution, then so be it. But be realistic and stick with it. Good for your body, mind, and those around you!

No Love For the Job? Is It Time for Change?

Are you stuck in a job you don’t love? No growth?

Simple Living – Grabbing Life Back By The Horns

Living mindfully enables us to see things that we other wise might miss about our situations and ourselves. It is a simple thing to do but it does require a person to resolve do it in order to be effective and this is often the problem area. Often we can take on negative roles which harm us more than we know. One such role is the victim role or the ‘poor me ‘ syndrome. It should be understood that victims are not life’s winners and if you place yourself in this position you are allowing yourself to get too comfortable there at your own peril.

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