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Have You Tried Being Weird?

Weird. That is not a term of endearment. It sounds closer to a pejorative term to me. Really. Who wants to be weird? Well, honestly, most of my life I didn’t want to be weird. Now, however, I do desire it, at least since becoming a frequent listener to Dave Ramsey’s local radio broadcast. He’s a pretty famous financial guru. Frankly, trying to be like everyone else – not weird – is dangerous. Being weird definitely has its upside. Would you spend a few minutes with me? Let me help you buy that!

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction To Get The Life You Want

Here I describe why an instant of going within oneself to begin figuring out what you want is much better than none, I ‘d like to begin by providing a definition of the Power of the Universal Law of Attraction. Definition of the how the natural power of attraction operates when you’re figuring out what you want in this world, is that you attract to yourself, whatever I provide my focus, energy, or attention to; whether finding happiness or something undesirable. It is necessary to understand that to get the life you want the Power of the Universal Law of Attraction operates in every instant, and not just when you are figuring out what you want in life. Now, in this very instant, each of us is providing a vibration and the natural power of attraction is matching that vibration a thousand fold and more, all around the world, and giving us more of it; whether or not we are using that vibration intentionally or non-deliberately.

Greater Good

At moments, our past always find a way to cling to our present like a pest, and in the saddest it’s usually our brutal past. We do everything to try to burn the demons that haunt us, we try our best to beat down the vile pasts that face us, truth be told healing takes time it is not something immediate that will just occur. Healing is the simple breakdown of all the problems that are hard to solve in a process to be solved.

Keep Going No Matter What Happens

In life, you just have to keep going, no matter what happens because nothing good will come if you quit. You need to carry on if you want to reap the rewards. Regardless of where existence leads you, if you give up, you lose and miss every opportunity you never take. So what can you do to persevere?

How To Get The Life You Want By The Secret Of Attraction

No doubt, you’ve probably asked yourself at one time or another, “What do I want to do in life,” and wanted to know more about the universal law of attraction for attaining personal goals in life. There are lots of teachers out there speaking about personal goals in life and the power of attraction, but the reality is that the secret of attraction is just a name about an idea. Nobody is really 100% sure of what the universal law of attraction actually is or how it works. The much deeper you comprehend the power of attraction for achieving personal goals in life, the more you recognize that you alone are accountable for whatever in your life.

What You Want In Life And The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Have you ever said to yourself, I want a life? Of the most popular things many are trying to figure out, is what can be the ‘secret’ for getting what you want in life. Many of us want to know exactly what it is we may do! “How do I take action for discovering the ‘Secret’?” That’s understandable due to the fact that all the Hollywood movies, as well as the therapist’s couch, does not really put the law of attraction in your lap. But you can learn how to mindfully open yourself to this power of the universe when you are true to yourself in saying, I want a life.

Is There Really An Angel Of Death And Is There Proof Heaven Is Real?

The images of death angels are projections about what happens when I die and of the fear of dying, about angels who are often extremely dark and scary. The term grim reaper is very frequently associated with being afraid of death and of the angel of death. Let’s face it, we all at times we’ve all wondered, and asked: what happens when I die? And, then, it seems we’d like proof heaven is real. The beliefs that society has about death angels are really different from one culture to the next.

How To Increase Productivity At Work While Enjoying Yourself

There’s huge ongoing research studies agreeing that optimistic-positive outlook at the workplace psychologically exhibits to improve work efficiency, and why many organizations are getting away from high-pressure environment shops and work stations. After all, who want to work in a high pressured guilt infested cut-throat place anyway?

What Is The Secret Of Success Other Than Abundance Thinking?

The secret behind success and the law of success is in your options and how you make the most of them figures out the result you experience in life. If you are not pleased with what you presently experience or have, then you have to change your reactions, images and thoughts to positive, encouraging ones. You have the POWER to be a magnet to SUCCESS. You need to contemplate over the secret behind success constantly at the very start or you will automatically self-sabotage.

Mentorship Practice on the Go: Introduction

The Mentorship Practice entails a number of elements and principles relevant to all the stages of human development and growth. These are dialogues between the mentor and mentee, conversations among all the role players; the required programme of action by the mentee under the guidance of the mentor; evaluation and review of the mentee’s implementation of the programme of action; feedback by the mentor; and where possible, the recognition for the work well done. These principles are universal and their application produces same results and leave lasting impact on the mentee. The people that have experienced this approach display great qualities in their roles in life.

Overcome Challenges by Making Friends With Time

We all do get to face obstacles or challenge here and there. But what’s important is not whether or not you faced an obstacle or challenge. It is how you managed to overcome it.

Comfort For Those Who Feel Vulnerable Right Now

Perhaps now more than ever, we need spiritual comfort. In light of all that is happening here on our planet, now is the time for a real transformation of our consciousness, of our way of being. We need new ways to respond to the doubts, fears, worries, and concerns of living in this world. In this article, we explore an essential healing insight you can use anytime you feel vulnerable to help you find comfort and move forward.

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